• Expression of sunrise: FUJI collection

    ▲ FUJI P3 Inspired by journey in her early 20s, Designer Dou came up ideas of FUJI and combined mountain-like silhouette with SEED iconic opal glass. Due to admiration for FUJI mountain from people, various images are transformed and seen everywhere in Japan -- graphics, patterns, posters and festivals. For local people, the holly mountain [...] More  →
  • Seed in Shanghai 2019: Gaze beyond black and white

    First step of SEED tour has always been Design Shanghai in March. This year, we returned with our new series and ideas continued from annual exhibit we held in the end of 2018. Lighting fixtures play roles of connection between people and space. Contrast of black and white shares comparison of various arrangement. While black [...] More  →
  • From the beginning of 2019: See you in Shanghai!

    To continue the theme of annual exhibit in the end of 2018 ”Blend the ambience, shape the light”, SEED is ready for the exhibit tour this year! Our first step would be Design Shanghai held from 3/6-3/9. To get close to the nature of design, SEED always cherish intention of embodying the connection of human [...] More  →
  • Happy Chinese New Year

    The Lunar New Year is coming ... Happy Chinese New Year! It is time for us to have a reunion with our family, please noticed that our assistance may be late during close down period. Thanks for your understanding, SEEDDESIGN wish you happiness and joyful moments. ◆ New Year Close Down ◆ Feb.2 - Feb.10, 2019 [...] More  →
  • Refine form of lighting: HOODIE, FIREFLY, MUSE

    Instead of full brightness, sometimes we only need a square of light—when exercising, chatting or napping, all these ordinary fragments consist of our life. By reducing the illumination, we could possibly grab more choices of lighting form in our daily life. At this state, join new perspective of SEED with HOODIE, FIREFLY, and MUSE. ▲ [...] More  →
  • Hercules honored with German Design Award 2019 Special Mention

    We have been honored to announce that Hercules Floor lamp, which is designed by Chen, Chao Cheng, was given a fabulous award this year: Special Mention with German Design Award 2019. Presented by German Design Council, it is well acknowledged as one of the top international design accolades. The award is highly respected across the [...] More  →
  • New Concept Store Opening

    Before celebrating for our 27th anniversary, we are delighted to announce the new page for SEEDDESIGN – the New Concept Store opens in Hsinchu, where is considered as Silicon Valley in Taiwan. As the center of technology and vigorous innovation, this city somehow shares an image with busy dizzy pace. But For SEED, we want [...] More  →
  • Simple yet eye-catching: APOLLO Collection

    Tracing back to inspiration of APOLLO, designer Chen, Chao Cheng shared his memory of fascinating beach sunset. With mixture of yellow and orange, wispy clouds state in the bloody sky, that’s a very magic moment that he could only kept starring at the sky until it all went dark. “From dawn to dusk, everyone senses [...] More  →
  • SEEDDESIGN Launch Party/ Annual Exhibition

    On 12th, October, it’s Seeddesign annual launch party, or reunion – the moment that we meet our designer friends and partners in field to share perspective news, sneak peek our yearly new items. It’s also our first time to open the door to the public—on weekend of 13th and 14th , by exhibition at SCCP [...] More  →
  • Debut in Beijing|SEEDDESIGN in Design China Beijing 2018

    Design China Beijing has been the first truly international design event in Beijing; for SEEDDESIGN, it is also the first time for us to face the local culture. House-like check-in place shares the perspective of residential theme with SEED, turns to be the most popular spot on social community. Warmth and intimacy are always how [...] More  →
  • Blend the ambience, shape the light: SEEDDESIGN Annual Exhibition 2018

    Exciting news! From 10/13-10/14, SEEDDESIGN is coming for a special exhibition about our aesthetics and design consciousness. From the beginning of brand building, we have paid particular attention to balance item function and artful appearance, blend the best residential ambience by caring the quality, shape the light with elaborate insight. Always cherish intention of embodying [...] More  →
  • New members from MOAI family: Taking your deep breath

    Designed by Chen, Chao-Cheng (Meiric), MOAI was inspired by stone statues of Easter Island. As metalized structure embodies the oblong nose of their faces, mouth blown glass was reimagined by its transparency and beautiful silhouette. Providing atmospheric, ambient glow, light moves through the sphere, bouncing off the clear glass shade and create unique egg- shaped [...] More  →
  • News|See you in Beijing

    News|See you in Beijing Since receiving compliments from our yearly fair Design Shanghai in March, we are honored to announce our upcoming visit to Beijing for Design China Beijing in September. To warm our theme, we present the image of “home” at the entrance, indicate the connection of lighting and relationship. Under the scenario of [...] More  →
  • SEEDDESIGN 2017-18 New Launch Party

    We held a 2017-18 F/W new launch party last Friday and had a great time under fascinating vibe with local interior designers. Too many thanks to say for such beautiful afternoon. Some collections are ready to launch, while others will be completed soon in the coming year. We look forward to your feedback! More  →
  • SEED at Light+Building 2018

    It was SEEDDESIGN first show up at Light+Building. Having look forward to let products speak for themselves, we bring all those which represent our 26 years of SEEDeology. Over this 6-day show the eclectic lighting collection LING successfully caught the attention of our visitors. Created by senior designer Li, Hui-Lun, LING provides wide selections from [...] More  →
  • SEED at Design Shanghai 2018

    DesignShanghai has been our yearly fair. In order to create more interaction with visitors and having them see through different perspectives, we used square holes on the wall as meaning of windows. Passing by SEED booth, people would have time to get prepared and more excited about what’s coming in front of them. There were [...] More  →
  • News|See you in Shanghai & Frankfurt

    It is a fresh beginning for us … Besides showing up at Design Shanghai as usual, we have a more exciting news to share — SEED debut at Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt (Hall5.1, D50). During these two shows, we prepare various new collections with delicate details and intelligent mechanical structure, aiming to welcome you to [...] More  →
  • Happy Chinese New Year

    The Lunar New Year is coming ... We are about to celebrate the holidays together with our families. Please understand any late assistance during close down period. In the new year of the Dog, we wish everyone in good health, and a ” Wong Wong Wong ” year full of inspiration! ◆ New Year Close Down ◆ [...] More  →
  • SEEDDESIGN at DesignShanghai 2017

    An amazing journey in Shanghai ... It was SEEDDESIGN's second time to take part in DesignShanghai. Taking experiences from first time, we not only expanded our stand size and cleverly using the arrangements of walls to lead a smoother path for visitors, but also showcased more products with interactive functionality. A slight difference from last [...] More  →
  • News|3/8 -11 DesignShanghai

    We are thrilled to announce that SEEDDESIGN is about to visit Shanghai for the leading design event in Asia, the DesignShanghai this early March. Considering that the genuine beauty of illumination is beyond any words to describe, we gradually invite you to take a visit, enjoying new collections and other well-recognized lightings in person during [...] More  →
  • News|HK International Lighting Fair 2016

    SEEDDESIGN is about to celebrate 25th birthday ! In this momentous year, we choose “ Re — “ as the theme of 2016/17  new collection design. " Re- " stands for a revolution in elevating our proudly designs in the past, and rebuild their glorious days in the future. To bring an astonishing reborn-lighting back [...] More  →
  • New Open: Shanghai Branch & Brand Store

    The very first SEEDDESIGN branch & Showroom has officially begun its journey in Shanghai, China. Located in the heart area of design community, this showroom was anticipated to be a quiet, calm hide-away space in metropolitan city. Visitors may slow their paces and enjoy serene ambience which illumination infuses in air. If you happen to [...] More  →

    Design Shanghai has became one of Asia's leading international design event after the successful debut in 2015. We are looking forward to providing you a sensory and impressive experience on site. Come to enjoy the " WOW " if you are in town. Also, feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment during the [...] More  →
  • Sketch Up Now Available Online

    We are now providing sketch-up files of all collections for professionals and others who may need. Welcome to download through download page or search in 3D warehouse via sketch-up system. More  →
  • 2016 – 17 New CATA is now Available

    We are now thrilled to share the latest 2016-17 catalogue through Download page. Go check and see what's new inside ! More  →
  • 2015 Taipei Building Show

    The Taipei Building Show is our regular show in Taipei. After spending almost a year on new design discussion and trial, samples we display here are complete, and most of them are ready to launch. Venue : Taipei World Trade Center Date : 2015/ 12/ 10 - 13 Booth No : B510 More  →
  • 2015 A/W New Collections in Launch

    On the basis of simple aesthetic, our designers devote themselves to making imagination real. Aims to create simple, elegant, divine and unique designs that reveal the beauty of illumination, SEEDDESIGN 2016 new collections are available right now ! Feel free to contact us for more product information. Please mail to : More  →
  • Hello USA, We Are Landed.

    Traced back to the beginning, there was only a young lad with full passion and determination on lighting design. So many years passed, we have arrived plenty of countries in the world. Every experience meant a lot especially for a young brand. We keep humble to learn , to improve, and to impress those who [...] More  →
  • Expo|Creative Expo Taiwan

    Venue: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 11072, Taiwan Date: April 29 - May 4, 2015 More  →
  • SEEDDESIGN USA Website is Available Now

    We are excited to share the SEEDDESIGN USA website with you, which is especially for customers in the United States. If you happen to be in Seattle, our showroom is right there waiting for you. More information, please directly go to: More  →
  • Expo|Maison & Objet Asia 2015

    We are thrilled to invite you meeting us at the coming Maison & Objet Asia in Singapore. It is the first show of SEEDDESIGN in 2015, we have prepared everything but you. Welcome to  have a visit if you are available. Maison & Objet Asia 2015 / Venue: Sands Expo And Convention Center Marina Bay [...] More  →