MUMU P80 / P120


Designer   Kuo, Keng Dian
Material   aluminum, wood
Color   matt black + walnut / matt pure white + beech
Wire   black
Canopy   same as shade color
Light Source

P80     LED 25W 3000K 1680Lm CRI90
P120   LED 32W 3000K 2150Lm CRI90
P80     L 80cm x W 4.5cm x H 150cm
P120   L 120cm x W 4.5cm x H 150cm
P80     SLD-3981PS
P120   SLD-3981P / SLD-3981PPE

Feature   Push dimmer (SLD-3981PPE)


Designer Dian has been mastering the artistry of woodworking for years. He’s always had an appreciation towards the organic nature the material exhibits. In the MUMU pendant, he utilizes the coolness of metal married with an LED light source, and counter-balances this with the warmth of the wood on both ends of the pendant. The MUMU is available in two versions: Matt White with Beech and Matt Black with Walnut.

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