A key figure in realizing conceptual product into tangible|Vice General Manager Gong, Yu Quan

Creating a lamp involves not only a design concept that brims with creativity, but also a group of precise craftsmen who can turn imagination into reality – the SEEDDESIGN Research and Development team.

The SEEDDESIGN R&D team brings the creative vision of designers to reality by using unique structures and innovative materials. With years of experience and skillful hands, they meticulously oversee the production process – from welding to shaping and polishing, through their dedication and attention to details, the team artfully brings together beauty and functionality in every SEEDDESIGN lamp.

Vice General Manager: Gong, Yu Quan

Mr. Gong, the VGM of SEEDDESIGN, is known for his dedication to challenges and meticulous approach. Since 1997, he has been leading the R&D team to create numerous classic products, emphasizing the importance of strict supervision of every production process. He enjoys tackling difficult problems and ensures that every light can be placed in the ideal space of each customer with the highest quality.

That morning, Mr. Gong shared little-known stories about product development and production in the meeting room after returning from the factory.

Can you introduce your job responsibilities to everyone?

– Essentially, I hold responsibility for the entire product creation process. 

Once the mission has been defined, I collaborate with various departments to review feasibility assessments. After that, I oversee the production of all materials and manufacturing methods to ensure that they meet quality standards.

What’s the toughest process of turning a design blueprint into a finished product?

– I believe it’s welding for sure.

Welding is the most challenging step due to potential metal deformation caused by high temperatures. Even with robotic welding, it is difficult to achieve the same level of precision as manual adjustments performed by skilled craftsmen. Other than that, computer-controlled machining, including CNC lathes, milling machines, and punches, is typically more precise and manageable.

What is the most remarkable lamp you have ever made?

– LALU+ pendant lamp.

The lamp requires a complex process that involves multiple welding stages, as well as careful attention to accuracy due to its rotatable stem. When welding two D-shaped tubes to form the oval stem, any excess can lead to uneven weight distribution and cause the lamp post to tilt. That’s why we rely on skilled craftsmen to meticulously remove any resulting weld marks and achieve a flawless finish that allows for smooth rotation.

Which of the Seed collections is your favorite one?

– Planet floor lamp.

The lamp’s arm can be extended to the desired distance, and its height can also be adjusted by rotating the gears. I love the gears, which have a finely tuned engineering design and are very functional. I often adjust the arm in different ways and think about how to optimize its usability while playing with it on my desk.

What is your approach to continuously breaking through technical challenges?

– When faced with technical challenges, we take an approach of continuous learning and collaboration. 

We visit other processing plants to gather insights and improve our capabilities, and work closely with our partners to overcome bottlenecks. We also stay current with the latest technology and equipment, conducting internal experiments and searching for opportunities to establish standard systems. One example of this is our DJ DIMMER structure, which underwent a rigorous experimental process, undergoing at least 23,000 cycles of rotation to ensure durability before it was launched.

What are the most significant changes for you since setting up the factory in 1997 until now?

Well,  not much has changed fundamentally.

My main goal has always been to make steady progress. Over the past 20 years, I have emphasized to my colleagues the importance of staying focused and careful to maintain high quality. We cannot afford to skip any steps in production to save time. It’s not rocket science, but we need to do it right to succeed.

Have you ever felt proud to work for SEED?

– Absolutely, it’s a great honor.

Our design concept, emotional engagement, and every production process for our collections are of high-end quality. Even our external manufacturers take pride in producing our products, and one plastic factory mentioned that their customers recognize their superior quality because they make parts for SEED. Although our competitors may try to replicate our ideas, our top-notch products speak for themselves.

What has driven you for the past twenty years or so?

– Being able to face different challenges always excites me!

The complexity of making lighting fixtures with a wide range of materials can make the job challenging, but since my first day at SEED, I have eagerly tackled any issues that arise and genuinely look forward to coming to work every day.

Moreover, SEED’s work environment is excellent, with design director Mr. Chen giving me the freedom to showcase my skills. Many of my colleagues have been with the company for over a decade, and as time went on, we have all become friends!

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