Limited Warranty

SEEDDESIGN warrants against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from date of purchase for use, and agrees to repair or at our option replace a defective unit without charge. However, we guarantee the fixtures ONLY IF consumers follow appropriately these instructions, which must be well kept for future cares:

  • This warranty does not cover damage resulted from misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, loss of parts or subjecting the fixture to any electrical service other than specified for proper use.
  • The fixture MUST NOT modified in any way. Any modification may turn the fixture into dangerous. SEEDDESIGN declines all responsibility for modified products.
  • Replacing bulbs must be of the same type, voltage and wattage as specified in these instructions.
  • If the fixture does not work:
    (1) turn off power supply and check all wire connections;
    (2) check fuse or circuit breaker and have a qualified electrician replace if necessary;
    (3) ensure light bulb is in working order.
  • It is important to note that some pieces vary in shape and color from one to another, as they are mouth-blown glass or concrete. Those differences are not imperfection; rather they guarantee that the glass is handcrafted.

SEEDDESIGN reserves the right to introduce all changes required for the improvement of the present product at any time and without prior notice.

Installation place

So far, all SEEDDESIGN collections are IP20 only for indoor use, excepting CASTLE Wall lamp outdoor version which is IP44.
It should be ensured that the lamps wouldn’t be affected with damp if installed in bathroom or toilet.
For more details, please consult SEED shops or customer service.

Clean and maintenance

Periodical maintenance  keeps lighting in its best condition.
Here we provide three basic means of dealing with different materials. Follow our instructions and worry no more:

● Metal

As regards maintenance of metal lamp, it gets trickier and takes more caution than glass. In general there are two kinds of finish, coating and plating. For routinely clean-up remove dust should be fine enough. But while you find much dust or finger tints over the suspension, time to have a thorough treatment. It is essential that DO remove dust delicately, better with “ electronic dust tissue/ fabric”. ( You can find those products from 3M. )

  • Clean off the surface gently by duster sheet.
  • Wipe in the same direction with wrung, moist cloth.
  • Use a soft dry cloth to dry off the shade in case of water stain.

● Glass

Illumination which comes out through opal glass appears gentle, soft and elegant. After being suspended for couple weeks or longer, it is obvious that dust will cover on the surface, which have a subtle influence on lamp look as well as brightness of illumination.

  • Wipe in the same direction by wrung, moist cloth
  • If necessary, take off the shade carefully and wash by water, a bit of neutral detergent would be fine.
  • Dry off by soft dry fabric or duster sheet.

● Concrete

Besides general materials, there is an iconic one which stays popular for years – the concrete made CASTLE. Well, lucky that concrete is the easiest one to take care of.

  • Clean off the shade by feather duster or dry fabric slightly and regularly.
  • When wet cleaning is necessary, wipe the shade with a wet fabric to maintain original appearance evenly.

▲ Attention !!

  • Do NOT use dry fabric to wipe off the dust incase surface scratch.
  • Do NOT use solvents or chemicals, especially abrasive cleaner to clean SEED items.

How to choose a suitable lamp?

The core idea of SEEDDESIGN is to make each space cozy, comfortable and relaxing. We care more about whether lamps fit for households rather than lightness. Right habit of using lamps could be referred to characteristics of sunlight.

● Sunlight is weaker and with lower color temperature (luminance CCT around 2500-3000K) during dawn and sunset. It is when human body just being awake or ready to rest. Thus there is no need to light up entire space but using desk, floor or wall lamps to soothe our body instead.

● Noon has the strongest sunlight and higher color temperature ( luminance CCT around 5000-6000K). We are in a spiritual and efficient working condition. That’s why people equip white lamps in schools and offices to keep energetic. Hence, two points should be taken into account for a homy space:

  1. How many lamps to decorate within individual space?
  2. Use the light source according to daily activities and purposes.

For instance,
▶︎ Reading: Except spheres of either books or desk, it is basically unnecessary to use light for other parts. Desk or floor lamps would be good in living room, while wall or desk lamps are suitable for bed. Some people would choose spotlights or pendants in study. All we have to follow is “only illuminating places needed”.

▶︎ Dining area: Either pendants or spotlights are able to make dishes better looks. It is recommended that the distance between pendants and tables is around 60-90 cm from bottom of lampshade. Far distance will weaken the light and cause problems of glare.

How to tune SEED's lights?

Touch-dimmer switch


1. On/off operation: Short touch to switch on/ off.
2. Brightness control: Long touch to control the brightness. Alternating from max to min, or min to max.
3. Memory function: Brightness setting will be memorized based on last use setting.
4. Default setting: Power cycle the fixture(s) (>10s) to restore default setting.


Touchless sensor


1. On/off operation: Wave hand to switch on/off.
2. Brightness control: Keep hand still beneath sensor will control the brightness. Alternating from max to min, or min to max.
3. Memory function: Brightness setting will be memorized based on last use setting.
4. Color tuning: Wave hand to switch the color temperature in tunable lamps (ex: SQUARE).

5. Default setting Power cycle the fixture(s) (>10s) to restore default setting.


※ For optimal functionality of the optic sensor, please place the lamp at least 35 cm. from an adjacent wall surface.

How to adjust the height of SEED pendants yourself?


1. Prepare a flat-blade screwdriver.
2. One person supports the lamp, another adjust.
3. Loosen the screws, adjusts accordingly, and lock to secure.