Sunrise, Morning Has Broken|DAWN

Watch the continuous rising action of sunrise, DWAN emits the first morning light from the sea horizon, bringing us a brand new day. When morning has broken, we can’t help being intoxicated in the ever-changing light.

Feel like morning sun changes in seconds

With the Double-thread structure and Optical zoom lens, it gives the light’s rich ability to change the beam angle. Admire its ease of use by rotation: clockwise tighten the lens shade to distribute a soften illumination; Or counterclockwise the lens shade to focus the light on the object. The DAWN series combines superior lighting performance with pure practicality to deliver multi-functional results.


DAWN PL4 collects 4 lamps into a linear suspension, each lamp is individual for flexible beam angle and light direction adjustment by simply rotating the lens shade. No matter focusing the luminaire on the delicacy; Or spread the light evenly creating a suitable reading zone, DAWN PL4 can be set exactly to suit your needs.

DAWN P1 / DAWN PR1(The tube version)

DAWN P1 can be multiple used to various user scenarios, for dining table, the bar table, or just one fitting hang at the bedside. P1 creates countless compositions as a symphony of light. The tube version allows us to position the light direction by moving its body vertically and horizontally.

DAWN WR  / DAWN CW(Ceiling/ Wall)

Besides zoomable beam angle, the wall lamp is equipped with a gradual touch dimmer that provides more flexibility for bedtime reading or entrance corridor when coming back to the sweet home. Ceiling/ Wall lamp is made for dual-purpose, for ceiling usage you are free to project downwards and zoom the light cone, creating an atmospheric space.


The simple yet fully functional table lamp is your ideal partner to complete tasks on the desk, the floor lamp beside the sofa in the living room arouses your cozy mode handily. We’d say DAWN plays multi-roles to accompany every family member in the house.

Light Source  LED 4 x 5W 3000K CRI 95 1143lm
Size L 141.2 cm x W 6.2 cm x H 20.4 cm


Light Source  LED 6.5W 3000K CRI 95 323lm
Size  L 8 cm x W 8 cm x H 15.3-16.9 cm


Light Source  LED 6.5W 3000K CRI 95 323lm
Size  L 26 cm x W 8 cm x H 73.3 cm


Light Source  LED 5W 3000K CRI 95 237lm
Size  L 23.2 cm x W 6.2 cm x H 21.4 cm


Light Source  LED 5W 3000K CRI 95 237lm
Size  L 10 cm x W 21.4 cm x H 23.2 cm


Light Source  LED 6W 3000K CRI 95 298lm
Size  L 20 cm x W 6.2 cm x H 63 cm


Light Source  LED 6W 3000K CRI 95 298lm
Size  L 28 cm x W 8 cm x H 151 cm

Color Combo

  • Matt black + sand gold rim
  • Shiny copper
  • Matt black + shiny black rim

Designer  Chen, Chao-Cheng

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