OLO Φ Portable


Introducing our latest addition to the collection: the OLO Φ Portable. This rechargeable light is the epitome of form and function, offering superior flexibility and ease of use. With its signature design, from the hollow lampshade to the 290-degree rotation, the OLO Φ Portable not only adds a touch of elegance to any indoor space but also illuminates your outdoor adventures.

From the latest bold color Coral Orange to the classic and glamor of contracting Sand Gold and Black, Olive Green and Sand Gold, or the all-black option, a wide range of versatile color combos is available, unveiling a perfect range for you.

Designer   Li, Hui Lun
Material   steel、PP

coral orange + matt black
sand gold + matt black
shiny black + matt black
olive green + sand gold

Light Source   LED 3W 2700K CRI90 255lm
Battery  ≥ 8 hours when fully charged
Charging Cable   type C
Size   L 19.7 cm x W 13 cm x H 29 cm
Feature   touch dimmer
Model   SLD-130DC

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