Future Design In New Normal

Text / Jen Chen

Vessel of light: Why we started designing lamps

Looking back on the past thirty years, SEEDDESIGN has always focused on the essence of “lights.” Our inspiration is not limited by styles, and our practical and minimalist aesthetics is well-crafted. We challenge ourselves in the use of materials and value the interaction with our customers. With the rapid development of LEDs in recent years, lights must also keep up with the times and create more possibilities in a space. Naturally, we have expanded our perspective from the lamp itself to the entire space, reexamining the relationship between lights, spaces, and our lives.

▲ Photo Credit : HER GUANG Interior Design

In terms of lights, we have gone from a time when everyone focused on “brightness” to demanding “comfort” nowadays. The miniaturization of the LED structure, LED’s exquisite and diverse colors, and LED’s high integration of smart controls or digital media have made what seemed to be a luxury come true. The expression of lights and illumination is blossoming more than ever. However, in this dazzling world, we cannot help but think: “What do people really need?”

The invention of lamps has prolonged our routines during the day. Life in modern society is permeated with communications products and blue light, which have thrown the mind and body off balance and even inverted the sleep-wake cycle. Insomnia, anxiety, and isolation are the trending hashtags today. The connection between illumination and health has received a lot of attention in recent years. It has also been proven by scientific studies that show the human biological clock is still deeply affected by the sun, and the circadian rhythm is etched into our DNA. Therefore, SEEDDESIGN feels it is called to utilize technology to help people return to the essence of life.

In harmony with light, returning to the essence of life

What is the essence of life? There is a saying in Buddhism: “Meditate while walking, meditate while sitting, find peace in speech and silence.” This means that no matter what you are doing, as long as you live in the moment and feel a sense of peace, you can experience life in meditation. “Light” is an important element in life. During the day, the radiant sunshine filled with blue light showers upon us and stimulates our sympathetic nerves, giving us the energy to focus on working. As the sun slowly sets, the light turns into a low color temperature warm orange afterglow. Our bodies start to relax from the tension and get ready for bed. Light not only affects us physically but also emotionally.


In addition, the changes of the sun’s light, shadow, color temperature, and angle during different times and seasons can be a lighting arrangement reference for people with multiple lifestyles. For example, those who work from home cannot switch between the workspace and living space, but they can separate the two by adjusting the light. It is easy to adjust the brightness and color of LEDs, and they even have smart controls. They can be tailored to people of all ages, creating a personalized “comfortable lighting environment” that is safe and high-quality for children and adults.

▲ Set different lights to switch between various scenarios.

For thirty years, we have always believed that minimalism is not just the style of SEEDDESIGN’s products; it is a philosophy of life from deep within that is focused, relaxed, and all about living in the moment. The purity, joy, and energy brought by lights are hard to describe with words. Through lights, we wish to teach people how to be particular about lifestyle rather than making compromises.