Melody of Light |DJ Dimmer Switch

Debuted in 2004, CHINA table lamp was renowned for its sophisticated finishing, revealing the hand-brushed antique copper edge. Another distinctive feature is its low-key but playful DJ Dimmer switch.

DJ Dimmer is one of the designer’s wacky inventions. Once upon a time, designer Meiric and his Danish clients Carsten and Christian sat on the floor engrossed in a deep discussion in the sample room. While Meiric was playing with a lamp in hands, an idea occurred to him: “what if a lamp switch could be operated like DJ’s with their turntables, to control brightness by scratching? What fun that would be!” So he immediately took to his drawing board and sketched the concept out on paper.

Thanks to great team work with R&D engineers hashing out their theory, the DJ Dimmer has gradually taken shape. Mechanical construction with emphasis on durability over electronic parts took emphasis. The mountain shaped base inlays, with central and outer arc gears transmit to the VR-dimmers, so when rotating the base clockwise, the light would gradually turn on. This intuitive operation creates almost a rhythm of light.

However, when it comes to production, there are challenges one after another. For instance, how to accurately simulate the gears transmission and obtain a smooth result? How to prevent the base from tilting while in operation, or even set up a consistent haptic feedback of each lamp base?

Being obsessed with detail oriented operation, the R&D team has considered all these issues pursuing accurate gears transmission.

Horizontally, the angle of rotation has been set 120 degrees for user-friendly concern from off to full brightness. Each DJ Dimmer construction has been carefully set up like a skilled watchmaker, by determining gear ratio precisely and assembling the gears into the right position with jigs and fixtures. Vertically, in the middle of the dimmer plates a double row angular contact ball bearing is mounted, in order to control the up-and-down vibration tolerance to less than 1 mm. Each lamp is 100%  tuned up and tested before packing for the consistency of operation feedback.

▲ CHINA LED Table Lamp

When the development of the construction is almost done, Meiric comes up with the last question: ”Will it be durable enough over time?” Thankfully, through repeated testing, we have proved it can be rotated up to 23,000 times at least. In other words, it can last 20 years even if you play with it on a daily basis!

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