Guideline for hanging dining pendant lamps

Have you ever experienced eyes fatigue and blur after sitting under a pendant lamp for a while? This short symptom of glare is probably caused by improper use of lighting such as wrong hanging height, or poor lamp shade design which does not filter the extra light into our eyes.

The ideal height of hanging lightings

Most dining tables are 75-80 cm height. To prevent the eye discomfort of sitting by the table, the ideal height for hanging lamp is around 70-90 cm from the top of table to the bottom of lampshade, while a slight difference is allowed at user’s convenience and comfort.

For example, for families with small children can benefit more from hanging 70 cm due to their sight lower than adults; hanging over 90 cm is more suitable for tall family members to avoid head collisions during meals and other activities around table.

▲For families with children, it is adequate to lower the pendant lamp to avoid glare. If the lamp is designed properly with a light filter or diffuser (such as Mist, which bottom is sand-blasted), the glares will be minor even it is hung higher.

Photo Credit:日和設計

▲When the lamp hangs too high, the illuminance reduces which may be insufficient for reading.

Aesthetics concerns of spaces

Apart from the viewpoint of optics in practice, our aim in choosing a lamp is no doubt pursuing an enchanting home. A comprehensive study including the appearance of the lamp, environment of installation, or measures of the space is significant to users. Therefore, consulting with professionals like your interior, lighting designer or lighting shop will be a good choice when undertaking your lighting plan.

▲A petite light can be hanged closer to the table without stressing users below, which allows users to look into the details of the lamp easily while enjoying cheerful dinner.

Some people favor hanging the pendant lamps lower in order to extend the wire. It optimizes the visual proportion of a space, which looks higher and wider.

▲Through its elevating device, JOJO LED can be adjusted to different level in height at users’ choice.

Photo Credit: 北歐建築

“Lighting” is the medium relieving us for home, while the dining table often plays a role in happy gatherings with your beloved. If you have no idea about how to decor your place with lights or struggle between the luminance and glare, take notes of the tips above and you will find a way out. Cherish the wonderful moment with family with an ideal lighting joining!

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