Where the light is, where life is|Unboxing

“Unboxing sometimes is more likely to start a life you always yearn for.”


We are always eager for a better life.  It could be by moving forward to a new place or using good objects to reveal a new page of everyday life. Unboxing could be a magic ritual that stimulates our imagination about life’s possibilities.

Three different light styles with portable and unique features turn on a new life mode for us: Where the light is, where life is.


With a poetic metaphor that touched our emotions from home or memory

Seem like we can hear the moon’s whisper from her wisdom. Under the soft moonlight, she will lead you to the answer that you kept looking for in the daytime. Combine the cement as the lamp base and the beautiful streamline to reinterpret the classic table lamp years ago. The lovely opal glass hung there feels like soft moonlight spreading its kindness toward the city.

With concave cement base design thoughtfully placing your treasures

The moon whispered downstream toward the earth.

|OLO Φ |

More freedom to play with the light

Inspired by the diameter symbol Φ, OLO got a new family member with a U-band frame. Multiple possibilities of movement, OLO Φ gives more freedom to play with, easy to carry, rotate, and dim. No matter up or toward the wall light for the vibe, or downlight for reading, the direction adjustment is easy and handy by rotating the shade.

U-bend and the hollow frame is easy handy to carry.


The adventurer who braves your world

HOODIE debuted in 2018 with its adorable look and fearless adventurer spirit. Two years later, it’s bringing us new colors: Olive green+Sand gold/ Navy blue+copper which is absolutely eye-popping!

Olive green + Sand gold – the earth tone vividly comes with freshness and naturalness;Navy blue + Copper – dare greatly, eye-catching and chic

Well equipped 360-degree rotatability and dimming function, plus wire-free and rechargeable light source, allow you to carry this little buddy everywhere.

Caters for renters’ need of frequent moving, it can be also a transition to a wall sconce


Light Source LED 2.5W 2700K CRI 90

Size   L 24.5 cm x W 8.2 cm x H 39 cm

Designer Chen, Chao-Cheng


Light Source  LED 6.5W 3000K CRI90 415lm

Size   L 19.7 cm x W 13 cm x H 49 cm

Designer  Li, Hui Lun


Light Source  LED 2W 2700K CRI90

Size   L 15.4cm x W 9.75cm x H 13.4cm

Designer  Li, Hui Lun

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