The simple yet eye-catching APOLLO aims to make a big impression among space. The huge shade embraces and sheds the light at the same time, while the LED module is integrated behind the metal cap, preventing the light from being visible and causing glare. This collection offers pendant and floor lamp. The floor lamp is married with wooden tripods along with a touch-dimmer device, allowing users to enjoy flexible modes like being in nature.

APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_dimmable
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_03
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_04
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_shade rotatable
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_05
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_06
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_07
APOLLO Mega_floor lamp_shade rotatable_02
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_08
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_Pendant_01
APOLLO Mega_Floor lamp_09

Designer  Chen, Chao Cheng
Material  aluminum, oak
Color   matt black + copper
Light Source  LED 17W 2700K CRI 90 1210lm
Size  L 95cm x W 83cm x H 188cm
Feature   shade rotatable, dimmable
Model SLD-3655MFTE

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High temperatures, excessive humidity, and salt are some of the substances that may affect copper or brass plating. For these reasons, the Limited Warranty DOES NOT COVER RUST OR OXIDATION, unless there is a loss of structural integrity on the parts.