PAOPAO means bubbles in Mandarin, the designer intends to induce people’s bright childhood like kids’ big dream flying high with jewelries’ gorgeous luster and organic teardrop shape. Embedded with CRI 93 LED, the high-quality light reflects through the layered translucent color on the glass top, which sets off the finesse of the glass shade and gives that fantastic glow inside in a specific way.

Designer   Li, Hui-Lun
Material   glass, aluminum
Color   chrome/ sand gold
Light Source   LED 1 x 5W 2700K CRI 93 510lm
Size   L 15 cm x W 10 cm x H 22 cm
Canopy   same as shade color
Model   SLD-1013W

Vacuum Plating

Each of PaoPao glass is handmade and surface treated by crafts of polishing and vacuum plating, as a result small imperfections for example fine lines, flaws, or inconsistency in colors by batch might occur. The Limited Warranty DOES NOT COVER the above mentioned.

Plating Products

High temperatures, excessive humidity, and salt are some of the substances that may affect copper or brass plating. For these reasons, the Limited Warranty DOES NOT COVER RUST OR OXIDATION, unless there is a loss of structural integrity on the parts.


The inner glasses may get fogged up by environment. Here are the steps to remove the fog:

1. Unscrew the glass shade carefully.
2. Wipe off the internal fog by a soft sponge bottle brush with clear water.
3. Absorb remaining moisture with a soft dry cloth before reinstall.