Our DORA collection is Oh So Chic! Combined with cutting edge technology, it is embedded in a CRI 90 LED luminance that gently distributes the light. The wall mounted lamp offers slight adjustment via tiny gap on the glossy cap, and a touch-dimmer which suits your luminance desire. It is an ideal match particularly for bedside use or in hallways.

Designer   Chang, Ting Ting / Li, Hui Lun
Material   steel, glass
Color   copper
Light Source   LED 6.5W 3000K CRI 90 250lm
Size   L 17cm x W 10cm x H 17.5cm
Feature    shade rotatable, dimmable
Model   SLD-1010WDTE

Plating Products

High temperatures, excessive humidity, and salt are some of the substances that may affect copper or brass plating. For these reasons, the Limited Warranty DOES NOT COVER RUST OR OXIDATION, unless there is a loss of structural integrity on the parts.