Daily lighting narrative at home

Tell a story of a day home with light

Since humans learned how to use fire, our lives have been carved by light: it could be the bonfire flickering in a tribe surrounded by people dancing, the fireplace flaming by grandma on rocking chair when outside snowing, or a lamp switched on waiting for someone on the way home in a concrete building. Not only night, but the whole history of human could not be recorded without light.

Light has been narrating our life throughout times and places, influencing and changing our mood, perception and emotion unconsciously. This time, we would like to tell a story of a day home with light, a narrative that lightings help to write. In language of light, to catch the shadows cast in different moments, write the scenarios with families, and create own home memories with lightings.


Brew a cup of coffee, switch on the table lamp, wake up the morning.

As sunshine is one of the luxuries in many areas, to have sufficient brightness for long reading or working is essential even in day times. Brew a pot of coffee and sit by the window with sunlight. Turn on the task table lamp at need of eyes to ensure you kick off a day with plentiful and cheerful light.


Take a break after a meal, perch for the rest of a day.

Our bodies feel sluggish after lunch, it is about time to perch by a floor lamp for a while. Floor lamp is a versatile group of lighting adaptable to various scenarios: task floor lamp provides enough light for hardcore working and reading, while standing lamp gives ambience light to a corner, creating an art of light and shadow on the walls. It is your best lighting partner either for learning or playing.

#18 : 30

Dinner ready, hands washed, bon appetit!

▲Mist L
Photo credit:日和設計

When the sun goes down, who will be the first one home, hopping on the chair for enticing dinner?

Turn on the main lightings above dining table and dim the ambient light down, enhancing the contrast of light and shadow to create a sense of theater. On the stage, there becomes a drama series of family plays with laughs everyday.


The city calms leisurely, you move on enthusiastically.

▲ Archer 

Outside of the window, is the sleepless town. Carry a lamp with you and keep chasing your dreams. A utility table lamp will accompany you to concentrate yet avoid the glares to eyes in a dark background. Hold the last hour, you’ll get there!


Kiss for kids, whisper for two.

▲Castle S
Photo credit:太硯設計

After kissing forehead for kids to beds, the night is for the two. The mini pendants in line emits light on a specific area, circling a small world with gentle vibes. Every whisper and face expression in the light is like the close-up in a movie, subtle but meaningful.


Good night to all, hello my dream.


It’s late night, wash the stress away and grab a book for chill. The wall lamps on the bedsides diffuse gentle light for short reading, yet softening the moods and bodies before sleep. Let’s fall into the rabbit hole to a wonderful dream.

Lighting up your home imagination

Whether revamping a home or planning for a dream house, to know how lightings affect our life will enlighten your imagination of space. Leave rooms for those magical luminaires, you will be amazed by the journal that light helps to write.

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