A fusion of light and images | APOLLO

From dawn to dusk, people are naturally attracted by the change of the sky. For this very reason, I created a fixture that channels the natural brightness from outside,”  – MD 

Symbolizing the Sun, the APOLLO collection features a large LED light source with sun-like warmth to create a relaxing living space. Among them, the floor lamp is equipped with progressive dimming function, whether it is mimicking the bright morning light, afternoon sunlight, or elegant moonlight, all of which can be collected in one room everyday.

Handmade surface polishing

In efforts to re-create the notion of the sun, each APOLLO boasts an impressive 550mm diameter lampshade. This one solid piece is formed with a 3mm thickness of aluminum plate. The exterior of the shade takes shape gradually through the repeated brushing and polishing process performed by our skilled craftsmen.  This arduous process eliminates surface ripples caused from the spinning. The challenge is that the inner shade cannot be machined because of its concave, and instead it must be carefully hand brushed with a 600-grit sandpaper until the surface is smooth to perfection. The coloring process entails a by 2-3 spray-painting steps to complete the exquisitely flawless workpiece.

As warm as sunlight

While inner lampshade polishing usually not being done, the “indirect light” of APOLLO, in which the light emitted by a source is diffusely reflected, requires a more critical roughness standard on its inside surface. As long as there exists any bumps or traces of alien material, obvious shadows will be generated when light is on.

Development on intangible light

The way light reflects is so unpredictable, it took the team 15 months to focus on the end result. In the initial development phase, there was shadow around the edge of the shade, whereas the simplest solution by downing the light source would result in offending the eyes. Making the impossible possible is what drives the team here. Through a series of experiments cross-matching the different configuration, high-efficiency and heat sink performance of light sources and the options of diffuser material, the best solution was finalized with the key factor – 42 deg. beam angle – to soften the light gradually as beautifully warm as sunset.

▲ APOLLO MEGA Floor lamp

▲ APOLLO Floor lamp

▲ APOLLO Pendant