The bouncing notes|JOJO

Inspired by spinning Yo-Yo. In 1994, Meiric masterfully captures childlike innocence in his creation of the JOJO pendant. Looking like a musical note on a pentagram, users are able to adjust the wire length swiftly by pulling its oblate lampshade up-and-down to generate a lighting scenario with some personal touch.

“How is it made?”  From time to time we get questions like that.

Physically, the basic principles of pulleys inhibit many mechanical advantages – i.e., redirecting the force required to lift an object –  to keep the shade balanced while sliding up-and-down along the track. Yet there exist limitations that can be caused by live electrical parts resulting in complex structure as we can see in general lighting designs. Meiric had seen the functionality of pulleys being applied on lighting, as well as the need of reducing unnecessary complexities.

Basic principles bring peace to the world

Like a spinning yo-yo, the cable height can be easily adjusted by holding the opal mouth-blown glass shade and sliding vertically; And the shade will remain steady when the hand is off. The key to keeping the shade still and steady is dependent on the counter weight. In the oblate spheroid, the counter weight successfully balances the uneven thickness of each mouth-blown glass.

The coefficient of friction between the wire and the pulley is also a variable that must be taken into account. With another set of fixed pulleys under the canopy, it absorbs over-weighted glass shades. So users are able to pull it down for more luminance while reading or working, or push it up for ambience. 


▲ JOJO fixed pulleys

The tinned copper braided wire of JOJO has also had an instrumental effect, not just on electric conduction and aesthetic consideration with its delicateness, but also how the bare wire works finely with the pulley because of its strength and flexibility. Never should you worry about the lamp shorting out when wires go twist, as soon as an overcurrent is detected, the overload protection will break the circuit temporarily and return to normal operation.


▲ JOJO tinned copper braided wire

▲ JOJO was redesigned to LED light source in 2017.

Yesterday once more

“Guess what, the oblate spheroid counter weight is literally my original idea.” says Meiric randomly. JOJO has been welcomed for decades, along with the technology development of LED, in 2017 it was redesigned replacing halogen with LED light source and brought this alive. The new JOJO not only has the appearance neatly aligned with the designer’s desire, the LED light source within JOJO is highly efficient compared to the power consumed, with a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours lasting for a long time.

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