A drop of golden sun|MIST LED

As though walking in the morning fog, the MIST attempts to capture the very moment in which the light reveals itself from the translucence in-between the mouth-blown glass.

Refined process of the interior sandblasting

While sandblasting is usually processed by machine to change the condition of a hard surface efficiently, it would eventually leave unremovable fingerprints on the exterior of the glass shade.  Additionally, the traditional sandblasting method cannot satisfy that uniquely translucent color demand. The challenge exists in the treating of the inside surface of the glass shade from bottom-up through a portable blaster in a limited open space. The coloring process requires a carefully choreographed technique that has been developed by the R&D team in response to the design, in a series of sophisticated calculations and experiments on the factors – the size of quartz sand, and the air pressure – to perform the gradually cloudy MIST lamp shade. 


Although the exceptional craftsmanship of mouth-blown and sand-blasting have made each glass shade so unique that it’s hard to focus on the end result of how the light reflects through glass. At the last phase the R&D team is dedicated to standardize each glass for an ideal lighting effect, by customized jigs and fixtures holding the shade, then gradually forcing quartz sand inside by high speeds using compressed air with the sequence from bottom-to-up, to complete the “MIST”of the shade.

Seize the moment of the flow

Thanks to the skilled craftsmen with years of experience as well as the essence of supreme dedication, the master blowers dip the 1300 ℃ red-hot molten glass with a blowpipe to inflate the glass, all the while, all the while, rotating the pipe speedily and steadily until it gets the intended shape. The solid glass is placed into the glory holes to keep it hot enough for forming. It is then removed to the annealers to slowly cool the glass to prevent cracking. Every process makes each piece of mouth-blown glass so unique due to the beautiful irregularities made by hand.  The end result is extremely alluring and with an added touch of elegance.

Awakened sun in the mist

Embedded with high performance LED CRI>95 as natural as sunlight, and the high-efficiency 56-degree angle optical lens, the excellent light quality sets off the finesse of the translucent glass shade and gives that fantastic glow inside in a mysterious hazy form.

The surface treatment of glass has also had an instrumental effect.  Besides aesthetic considerations, from a practicality standpoint, master craftsmen also take into account how the lights were designed in ensuring the end product remains bright enough, yet avoiding glare by narrowing down the beam angle.

▲ MIST LED Table lamp


▲ MIST LED Pendant

▲ MIST LED Floor lamp