Strength as well as grace|SOL MEGA

The SOL Mega bow lamp has a curved pole that supports the span of the lamp as if it were a single piece of molding, extending from the base upward.  With a ring-like lampshade hanging at the end, lines flow naturally, like pencil marks drawn on paper by the designer. To satisfy both slim appearance and strong support. We chose “carbon fiber” as the material for the lamp pole, and joined it with Seed-Jack fasteners, allowing the pole to be connected wirelessly. 

Why carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is primarily comprised of carbon elements in a specific molecular arrangement, woven into carbon fiber cloth, and then glued with composite materials to form a high-grade material with impressive strength, high durability, yet remaining light in weight. Being lighter than aluminum, but stronger than steel, it is commonly used in aerospace engineering, ships, racing cars, sports equipment, and other industrial products where performance is crucial. Its softness before molding allows SOL Mega to be molded into a curved body – the pole is divided into three parts, with the diameter changing from thick to thin as it extends, and finally seamlessly joins into one smooth curvature.  A high level of precision is required in this difficult production process.

Every piece of carbon fiber cloth was precisely cut and attached according to the streamlined pole from large to small diameter extending to the arc top, it was then glued into the mold for a smooth curvature. Gluing the carbon fiber clothes requires a critical precision to make sure the seamless metallic texture after composition.

▲ Carbon fibre pole

▲ A ring-like lampshade

Next is the hardening process, inflating the mold by blow pipe while heats up surroundings to shape the pole. It was then polished and lacquered, at last, to be cut by CNC.

Seed-Jack Fasteners

Knocked-down kit into three parts for a more compact package, the pole is designed to be assembled handily with our exclusive Seed-Jack fasteners. The light-weighted carbon fiber pole has also enabled the base staying slim and delicate in appearance while taking the stability in consideration.