Beautiful light atmosphere brings people closer together

Designer Chang, Huan Rou

Underneath her gentle demeanor is an imaginative personality. Rou often makes unexpected remarks and fills the room with laughter. Her subtle insight always reveals the pure curiosity in her heart. She likes to think divergently so new ideas can fly out of the box and blossom into sparks of creativity everywhere.

How do you find inspiration?

Rather than finding inspiration in the moment, I prefer building a library of inspirations on a regular basis. I like to walk around and observe things. When I find something interesting, whether it is an object or the tiles on a wall or building, I will take a picture of it. I also like to look at old photos over and over again. When I am drawing, I often notice that the design seems to be connected to a memory, so my designs have always been quite random without a consistent style. I mostly create the look based on the impression in my mind and make designs as I wish.

▲ FIREFLY (discontinued)

What factors affect your design process?

I will start by thinking about the setting. I look at interior space designs most of the time rather than just focusing on the product. First, I will picture the interior space plan in my mind. I will close my eyes, put myself in the room, sit on the chair, and think about what kind of light will fit here.

But when I already have a lighting atmosphere in mind, I will design the look and define the potential styles that match the lighting, and the scenarios will start to fall into place. I focus a lot on “space” during the design process because some products look great on their own but may not fit in a space. Since lighting is often a foil for other elements, if space is considered at the beginning of the design process, the lighting will work better later on. 

What are the things to keep in mind in designing metal lamps?

This is not very specific, but you need to pay attention to everything. Metal lamps are relatively higher in quality, so if they can display the essence and meticulousness of manufacturing craftsmanship, they can make the space look better. For example, the “Huan” lamp must be made by an experienced professional to make the welded metal look like a single piece instead of two separate tubes welded together.

What are the advantages of metal lamps in modern spaces?

I think metal lamps can give the space a sense of elegance and grandeur. Metal lamps are relatively more refined. Because of the weight and craftsmanship of the material, the lamp enhances the space, and they complement each other.


Were there any challenges from the design to the finished product of “Huan”?

In the beginning, we wanted to use LEDs for the lamp. But after many considerations, we went with replaceable bulbs. However, the light sources of SEED’s collections are usually invisible to prevent glare. So, we decided to include a diffuser. We had to find a new way to fix the diffuser in place because of how the contour was designed. After several back and forths with the engineering department, we finally came up with the best design that you see now.

Among SEED’s pendants, Huan has a unique color. What was the idea behind it?

When designing Huan, I thought since it is extremely eye-catching due to its volume, maybe I can create a new look along the same lines and venture out of SEED’s main color scheme. So, I chose a low-chroma green because I found that people have been decorating their houses with plants in recent years. There must be some shades of green in the house that will match the lamp. The other color, navy blue, is one that I used before and chose again for this pendant.

How do you feel when you see the “finished product” of your design?

This is always the most nerve-racking moment. Prior to this, we discuss all of the adjustments in 3D, but the finished product is the most important. It is not just about what the lamp looks like; it is also about the lighting atmosphere and the light and shadow that is quite unpredictable. Only when we see the actual product will we truly feel every detail of the lamp. I am also anxious about whether people will like the design. After all, the designer should not be the only one who likes the product. I am always excited to see how people respond to the product when they see it. 

What do you think is the connection between people and lights?

I think a beautiful lighting atmosphere can be therapeutic in everyday life. For example, when I get home from work, I like to turn on the table lamp and leave the other lights off to enjoy the quiet moment. I will listen to some music and write in my diary to wind down from the work day.

Besides illumination, what do you hope your work can bring to those who use it?

The purpose of product design is to improve people’s lives. Take me as an example. We just replaced the old ceiling fan lamp in the house in my hometown with SEED’s lamp. It used to be downlighting, but now it is uplighting. This indirect lighting makes people feel comfortable and want to stay here to chat. We also talk about what furniture can be added to make the place even more comfortable. The warmth of a lighting atmosphere can gather the family in one place and even change the chemistry in the room, and everyone starts to pay more attention to the comfort of the room. So, I hope I can design beautiful lighting atmospheres that can bring people together to experience the joys of life.