Steadfast 30, a Moment Spanning Two Generations (Vol.2)

As SEED reaches the age of thirty and embraces the next generation with maturity, we wish to write and share the story of SEED before and after the accomplishments. Through the dialogue between two generations, we will open every capsule buried deep within the sands of time, forming a beautiful connection between you, us, and light.

As the leader of SEED, Meiric has the right to be strong-willed more than anyone, which is usually grounded in years of experience, wisdom, and insight, as well as the “I want it this way” attitude. His confidence may have come from the perseverance and courage to press on when that was the only option back then.

SEED ties to many pivotal moments in Jen’s life. When she was little, she helped with packaging at the production line. After graduating from university, Jen wanted to be a social worker. But she later decided to work for the company and help it grow. Jen is a deeply compassionate person. She cares for those around her and every family through the warmth of SEED’s lights.

Up until now, which qualities does SEED pay most attention to?

J:Going back to the previous question, besides appearance, practicality, and interactivity, we pay even more attention to lighting quality (optics) now. This is what we have focused on in the past two years. The most basic thing about lighting quality is if the lighting is offending under normal conditions, as glare will definitely make you physically uncomfortable. Emotionally, does it make you feel warm and relaxed when you come home at night? During the day, does its style match the room? This is also related to the color design of the product. 

Color design is not just about whatever the designer prefers. We need to pay attention to the current interior space trends and see which colors are comfortable for everyday life.

MD:I am much older than you guys, so my eyes are more sensitive to lighting quality. A few years ago, I visited foreign distributors and saw the lighting atmosphere of leading brand products, and I was really shocked. Although we are still growing, we need to have the vision of a leader. So now, when we launch new products, I always imagine we are competing with these premium brands. For example, the lighting of the APOLLO and SQUARE are top-notch.



How does “lighting” affect the rituals in our lives?

J:Besides the on and off switches, our bodies and minds have revolved around the sun since time immemorial. In the past, when there were no electric lamps, people knew they should rest when they saw the dim light of sunset. The use of lighting should also follow the changes of sunlight to signal the body to switch gears.

MD:Light is associated with our health and emotions. For example, many people recommend melatonin. Also, fine dining restaurants usually put a lot of effort into the lighting atmosphere to make you feel relaxed so you can enjoy the atmosphere, meal, and the person you are dining with.

J:Enjoy the meal while eating, chat with your family while hanging out together, concentrate while working. ( MD:I really like this point ). This in itself is a form of meditation. The information we receive every day is too cluttered. A lot of people cannot focus on what is happening at the moment, even when they are at home, which causes arguments and upset feelings in the family. I think the reason for all this is because people have neglected the essence of life. I hope that we can help people find their way back through lights so they can learn to enjoy their time at home, and the lamp placed in the workspace can help them focus on their work. 

The purpose of light is to help us return to the essence of life and focus on one thing at a time. ” Jen

▲ Photo Credit :23Design

Is there anything you want to say about SEED turning thirty? Which brand do you look up to?

MD:I actually do not have much to say. I just feel that I have gotten older. I read Tagore’s poems a while ago, and there is a line that describes how I feel: “I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad I have had my flight.” Looking back on the last thirty years, I have had my flight, and that is what I want to say from the bottom of my heart.


J:I did not think too much about the “age” at first. But on reflection, there aren’t many companies that are still around after thirty years. Now, we think about what more we can do for ourselves, the employees, clients, and customers. I still focus on the same job, and I will do it for as long as I can. I hope the seed will grow into a tree and expand into a forest.

MD:What Jen is talking about is staying true to ourselves. We will move forward according to our “way” but also “keep our ears open” to the market and the people around us. Wanting to help others is a very important attitude to have.

J:I think it is harder to be yourself in Chinese culture than in the West. We cannot just “be ourselves” all we want in this cultural atmosphere that has been shaped over a long period of time. Sometimes, I wish to pass on this message to many others through SEED. We are now in a place where we are comfortable with sharing our joy. This also reflects the way I feel now. In my salad days, I wanted to prove myself with all I got, afraid of falling behind. But now, I can handle things with ease instead of trying so hard to prove something. Just let your true values and personalities shine through.

There are definitely more challenges to come. But I think people will never stop “picturing the perfect home.”