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Inherited from SEED’s classic design— the DJ Dimmer,the new Mr. DJ combines minimalist style with an interactiveand engaging user experience,with a transparent and mechanical-inspired design.

Pure Mechanical Aesthetics

The highlight of Mr. DJ lies in its transparent mountain-shaped base, which showcases genuine brass gears through elegant outlines. As the base rotates clockwise, the central and outer arc gears transmit movement to the dimmers, gradually illuminating the space. This intuitive operation creates a captivating and rhythmic flow of light.

Mr. DJ table lamp 02
Mr. DJ table lamp 03

Precision Craftsmanship

Crafted with utmost precision, seasoned craftsmen painstakingly adjust each gear to ensure the seamless transmission of movement. Professional measurement tools are employed to set the optimal positions and meshing depths of the pure brass “half- moon gears.” Moreover, the center of the base incorporates “single-row angular contact ball bearings,” commonly found in precision machinery, guaranteeing both stability and a smooth turning sensation.

The Secret Behind the Smooth Turning Sensation

Mr. DJ introduces an innovative approach to lighting design by incorporating “single-row angular contact ball bearings” into its structure. This inclusion significantly reduces friction resistance during the base rotation, resulting in a silky-smooth turning experience. Like a DJ effortlessly manipulating a turntable, users can adjust the rhythm of their lighting with ease, all while enjoying a delightful and tactile experience.

Mr. DJ table lamp 04

▲ Adding the ball bearings, while rotating the base, the balls inside reduce the rotational resistance between the outer ring and the inner ring, thereby creating a smoother operation experience.

Mr. DJ table lamp 05

▲ Without bearings, users would face more friction when turning the lamp, reducing efficiency and accelerating wear, thus shortening the product’s lifespan.

Built to Last

The use of bearings in the lamp not only enhances the handily smoothness while operation but also ensures its durability. By reducing wear and tear on the parts, the bearings contribute to making the lamp last for a long time. The rigorous rotation tests conducted by the R&D team further validate the longevity of the lamp, guaranteeing the structure can withstand at least 23,000 rotations. In other words, it will still last for 20 years even if you play with it on a daily basis!

Mr. DJ table lamp 06

Mr. DJ 

Light Source LED 18W CRI 90 2700K 1900lm
Size L 30cm x W 30cm x H 42cm

Designer Chen, Chao Cheng

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