Say goodbye to traditional light switch and embrace an era of interactive illumination. Mr. DJ introduces a groundbreaking fusion of lighting and musical inspiration, blending a lamp switch with dynamic energy reminiscent of DJ scratching vinyl records. With its superior structure, lighting up becomes a thrilling offbeat experience that breaks free from the ordinary.

The mountain-shaped base of the DJ Dimmer showcases genuine brass gears through simple outlines and transparency, offering intuitive brightness control with meticulously carved tracks and smooth operation. Adjust it to create a unique ambiance, akin to the rhythm of a melody.

Designer   Chen, Chao Cheng
Material   PMMA , genuien brass, steel
Color   shiny black
Light Source   LED 18W 2700K CRI90 1900lm
Size   L 30cm x W 30cm x H 42cm
Feature   DJ dimmer
Model   SLD-6300MDJ


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