SEEDDESIGN 2019 New Launch Party

We are glad to share our joy with all of our friends that SEED just held a 2020 new launch party in the late autumn season, so much laughter and fun we had with local interior designers at that afternoon. Some of the new collections are ready to launch, while others will be completed soon in the coming year. We look forward to your feedback!

Our chief creative officer Meiric welcomed over a hundred of industry partners with his warm-hearted singing by the song “can’t help falling in love’’, showing how much passion and persistent he deeply has in Design.

Designer Li, Hui Lun creates a series of lighting in pursuit of an art with circle and square, a balance between the fixed and flexible.

SOL’s ring-like lampshade is finely affixed to a metallic copper balance bar, demonstrating the definition of understated luxury.

The mouth-blown glass looks a round tender mind steadily leaning on the square rigid frame, while their arms can be open inside-out of the box.

While saying goodbye, we prepared a special gift to all attendances; a kind of Taiwanese tea called “Honey Scented Black Tea” from the organic farm; the fragrant and sweet taste just like we gathered inspiration and tech efforts in a year then eventually released final designs in the end.


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