TRAM|A new journey toward the light

“When I was a kid, me and my younger siblings used to visit my grandma in the next town by riding a sugar railways freight train. Unlike the modern trains, it ran not so fast that we could sneakily hop on where the train switched out the crew. I’d grasp the railing with one hand and feel the wind blowing across the fingers of another hand. That was the 1970s, my childhood and all those beautiful memories are connecting with that train, the journey, and the sweet treats given by my grandma when we were occasionally reunited”


                                                                         _ Design director, Chen, Chao-Cheng 

Breaking the limits

It has always been a challenge giving the fixtures flexibility, taking into account the possibility of wire twists while adjusting. Inspired by the childhood memory of railroad tracks, the designer took advantage of genuine brass to develop a wireless track as the lamp body that allows each luminaire to be movable. The linear lamp body is made up of two brass tracks with 18 round holes spaced equally. Benefiting from brass’ excellent conductivity replacing the traditional wires, the track carries each spot to move with the holes and set exactly to suit your needs.

Change the position of lamp spots by simply screwing on and off.

*Comes with removable lamp spots as part of the standard configuration. MUST keep all the units on a track to avoid malfunction, maximum add 2 units by options.

Ensuring the proper electrode placement positive (+) and negative (-) while moving the lamp spots.

Unrestrained lighting layout

Thanks to the innovative structure and the application of material physical properties, TRAM has great flexibility to utilize the luminaire. 

Rotate the lamp spots to change the light direction handily.

Free to turn the spots to direct or indirect light by needs.

Nourishing distinctive luster over time

The surface of brass would be gradually changed with various environments and users. That’s nature and we love the unique texture over time. You can periodically maintain the luster with Brass Polish or just leave the brass age gracefully, that’s an intimate relationship between people and daily objects.

Caring for brass by regular polishing to keep it gleaming. 

(Use a soft cleaning cloth and Brass Polish)

Retro-inspired modern device

Bringing retro style into contemporary is challenging, but also rewarding. Just imagine how satisfied designers feel knowing that they succeeded in mixing earlier pieces of lighting with cutting-edge tech. Equipped with optic control, the light is dimmable with simple touchless gestures. The more freedom of use the lamp has, the more space you leave for the spontaneity of the user.

  • Precise light quality considerations

The TRAM brilliantly delivers a high-quality CRI 95 luminaire, restoring the original color to daily life. The stepped optical lens shrinks the beam angle to 58° avoiding glare offending eyes.

  • Optical Sensor Dimmer

When hand off, the brightness will be locked and memorized.

• Fin-shaped heat sink module

The Aluminum heat sink has had an instrumental effect, not only on how the product performs by its high thermal dissipation ability prolonging the lifetime, but also the fin structure ideally integraled in this industrial design.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board. We hope you enjoy the journey toward the light.


TRAM Pendant PE5
Light Source  LED 5 x 4W 3000K CRI95 1205lm
Size L 149.6cm x W 7.2cm x H 5cm

TRAM Floor FE3
Light Source   LED 3 x 4W 3000K CRI95 723lm
Size    L 30cm x W 30cm x H 186.2cm

Designer Chen, Chao-Cheng

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