TRAM represents a cross point when nostalgia meets now, triggering off peoples’ old-time memories.

Consists of genuine brass for its electric conductivity, the lamp spots wirelessly connect to the brass track, that can be relocated and 360°-rotated. Equipped with optic control, the light is dimmable with simple touchless gestures. The flexible luminaire can be set exactly creating various ambiance with brilliant performance of light, while its natural metallic appearance varies with time.

*The TRAM pendant comes with removable 5 lamp spots as part of the standard configuration. MUST keep at least 5 units on a track to avoid malfunction, maximum up to 7 (by option).
*The look of brass changes naturally over time, clean to keep it shine at own personal favor.

Designer   Chen, Chao Cheng
Material   brass, aluminum, steel
Color   genuine brass
Light Source   LED 5 x 4W 3000K CRI95 1205lm
Size   L 149.6cm x W 7.2cm x H 5.2cm
Wire   black max. 200cm(shade included)
Canopy   black
Feature   optical sensor dimmer
Model   SLD-50PE5

SEEDDESIGN_Lighting Design_High-quality CRI 95
High-quality CRI 95

While the Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100 shows the objects’ real color under the sunlight, the TRAM brilliantly delivers a high-quality CRI 95 luminaire inducing a beautiful texture to daily life.

Touchless sensor switch

Wave hand to switch on/off; Keep hand still to control the brightness.