Influenced by modernist architecture, the Konnect is beautifully crafted in quality materials. Offering both functional and versatile illumination configurations, the Konnect delivers various adjustable angles to each of the linear lighting elements, while utilizing high quality integrated LED design that offers Color Rendering (CRI 98). It conveniently comes in two linear setups as well as a vertical setup, each with two color options. The Konnect is equipped with full dimmable capabilities (0-10V), thoughtfully designed to suit your everyday lifestyle.

Designer   Chang, Huan Rou
Material   PC, steel
Color   matt black/ sand gold
Light Source   LED 6 x 5.5W 3000K CRI 98 1529lm
Size   L 144.5 cm x W 9.2 cm x H 3.5 cm
Wire   black max. 200cm(shade included)
Canopy   matt black
Model   SLD-3983PL6

High-quality CRI 98

While the Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100 shows the objects’ real color under the sunlight, KONNECT brilliantly delivers a high-quality CRI 98 luminaire inducing a beautiful texture to daily life.


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