WÚ stands for “daily greeting” in oriental meaning, the considerate design takes care of your daily life. When light is off and folded back to the rectangle steel niche, it is a good company staying aside quietly with you; When light is needed simply pull it out and handily adjust the light direction catering for multiple purposes, whether it’s me-time reading or mood-regulating wall washer, WÚ is always ready to meet you, how good to have a timely WÚ!

Designer   Li, Hui Lun
Material   aluminium

oatmeal + matt white
matt pearl cocoa + matt black
sand gold + matt black

Light Source   LED 4.5W 2700K CRI95 289lm
Size   L 22 cm x W 8.5 cm x H 5.5 cm
Feature   push dimmer
Model   SLD-3980WPE

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