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Featuring rotatable arm and shade, WÚ is the most flexible wall lamp that can be set precisely illuminating the preference nook by side.


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Equipped with a double-shaft structure, has many different ways of usage with its horizontal and vertical lighting directions by pulling the arm out to the favored distance, and twisting the shade to project a 66° beam onto an object without disturbing one another. In addition to serving as a downlight, while pushing the fixture back into its niche and flipping the shade upward, it can also be an indirect wall washing light for a comfortable relaxing mood.

▲ Wall washing by folding the fixture back into the niche creates a soft and charming effect.

▲ Temporary space for some small accessories.

▲ Intuitive brightness control:  Short touch to switch on/off, long touch for progressive dimming.

▲ Adjustable direct and indirect light.


Premium CRI 95 warm white light restores the objects’original color of the item and provides a considerate eye care experience. WÚ is now available in three colorways to suit any interior style and tone.

▲Pearl cocoa + matt black

▲Sand gold + matt black

Oatmeal + matt white

WÚ W(with push dimmer)

Size   L 22 cm x W 5.5 cm x H 8.5 cm
Light Source   LED 4.5W 2700K CRI95 289lm

Designer   Li, Hui Lun

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