The Highlights of Design Shanghai 2024

“In an era of rapid product obsolescence, we strive to provide lamps that people will use for a lifetime, with solid, durable, and reliable mechanics.”

—— Meiric Chen, Founder & Design Director

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This year, we unveiled the opening of Design Shanghai 2024. These highlights drive playful creations, meet complex design needs, and let the imagination soar.

The Supernovas at the show

Mr. DJ, one of our latest designs, stands out with its pure mechanical aesthetics and genuine brass gears showcased through an intriguing clear DJ base. KONNECT presents a range of pendant and desk lamps with flippable lampshades, blending striking design with practicality. The new HALO series features intricate pleated fabric shades and high-CRI 90 light sources, replicating natural sunlight.

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Design Shanghai 2024_03

▲Elements on the reading wall tell the inspiration and development stories behind Mr. DJ.

Design Shanghai 2024_04

▲In the interactive section, visitors can feel the changes in light reflected by mirrors as they rotate the base and experience the fun of being a DJ.

Design Shanghai 2024_18

▲In this area, we use decorative fabric backdrops that echo the pleated fabric shades of HALO, allowing people to experience the essence of the lighting atmosphere in this area.

Design Shanghai 2024_06

▲KONNECT luminaires with eye-catching and practical reversible shades give more flexible lighting for traditional round dining tables.

Design Shanghai 2024_07

▲KONNECT’s new table lamp has the flexibility to offer versatile lighting solutions for workspaces.

Design Shanghai 2024_08

▲The OLO XL series features enlarged classic hollow lampshades and comes in various styles.

Explore Our Booth Online

Along the aisle, visitors engaged with a wide range of classic products, including SQUARE, WÚ, and MIST LED. As they turned to view the unobstructed 4.1-meter-high main section, many gathered around the luminaires with curiosity. It’s wonderful to see how these interactions deepen the bond between people and light.

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Thank you very much to everyone who visited our exhibition and supported us. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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