A balletic dance of light | PAOPAO, FUJI and DORA

Cluster pendants are usually used as delicate adornments to enhance spacial ambience. Aside from different lampshade materials that give off distinctive glow, the variation of canopy and suspension method also contribute to the overall style of a pendant.


Comes in several shapes of canopy, PAOPAO offers its user to choose between linear (PZ10)  and circular (PC12) canopy. A linear canopy provides clean and neat appearance, and rich expression can be brought to the room by modifying its suspension method to zigzag, rectilinear or asymmetrical arrangement. Circular canopy presents a luxurious and splendorous impact which can easily spice up any space. With an option to enlarge it with a ring, countless compositions are waiting to be demonstrated in a glamorous style.

A vibrant rhythm is brought to the room with an elegant suspension layout of PAOPAO.

▲ By adding a ring into its configuration, PAOPAO’s jewel-like luster gets emphasized in a dramatic way.


If you wish for a more flexible cable configuration, FUJI is the one you shouldn’t miss out on. Its cables are exquisitely guided with little hangers mounted on the ceiling, allowing it to cross among various spaces for any interior needs. Users are invited to splash their imagination with this brilliant design, either install the light around the canopy or extend the mini pendants to several corners in a cluster form.


Compared to PAOPAO and FUJI, DORA’s light ball can be easily adjusted to varify its lighting angle, leaving a glittering and charming impact when it’s lit. Arrange its light ball in an aesthetic style, or add on a ring to enlarge the size, you will soon be surprised by how it turns the room into a lovely place.

▲ Flowing in smooth spiral-line, DORA brings a sense of fluidity into a symphony of light.

▲ Photo Credit: UZ Design

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