SOL | Official Teaser Trailer 2020 #1

Finally, we released a one-minute short film for the whole collection of SOL, showing its details of appearance, function, and innovation, expressing the spirit of SEEDOLOGY we abide by.

Inspired by star trails in the night sky, Designer Dian combined the metallic luster balance bar and the ring-like lampshade to form a special look of SOL.


Produced in carbon fiber, SOL bow lamp is undoubtedly a product that is weightless yet sturdy, every inch resilient in structure, and ideally completing the original idea from the designer.

SOL pendant

The adjustable ring tilt allows the pendant to function almost like a planet floating on a track of stars, creating a rich visual experience in the house.

SOL table lamp

Invisible LED strip makes the light source impeccable, the table lamp with a gradual dimming capability, rendering it possible for you to re-create your own personal sunrise and sunset.

SOL wall lamp

Keep the mutual function of rotating, the wall lamp can be on the bedside or in the corner of the house. You are able to dim the light to a comfortable brightness, enjoy a chilling and relaxing afternoon.


Light Source  LED 1 x 21W 2700K 802Lm CRI90
Size  L 45cm x W 45cm x H 3.3cm


Light Source  LED 1 x 17W 2700K 622Lm CRI90
Size  L 35cm x W 35cm x H 3.3cm


Light Source  LED 1 x 21W 2700K 802Lm CRI90
Size  L 200 cm x W 49 cm x H 204 cm


Light Source   G9 1 x 3W LED 2700K CRI90
Size   L 14.5 cm x W 16.4 cm x H 30 cm


Light Source   LED 1 x 7W 2700K 250Lm CRI90
Size  L 27cm x W 25cm x H 18cm

Designer:Kuo, Keng Dian/Meiric Chen

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