SEED at Light+Building 2018

It was SEEDDESIGN first show up at Light+Building. Having look forward to let products speak for themselves, we bring all those which represent our 26 years of Seedology.

Actually LING offers a profound symbol of “ families “. Back in old times there were lots of metal fences with unique architectural embellishments, which usually became the household symbol of prestigious Taiwanese families. Designer Li Hui Lun cleverly combined the idea and modern language to make it sits between oriental and western style, like no specific explanation can define its beauty.

When it comes to interactive functions, it is something which has been rooted in SEED product souls. The PLANET and HERCULES demonstrate the essence of multi-parts structure design, which allow users to adjust from shade to lampbody, controlling luminance via touch dimmer. The JOJO, oldest design in SEED, with its intelligent up-and-down balance device it offers an interesting, handy lighting experience.

We also featured iconic CHINA ( LED version ), hot items such as DORA and MUMU to welcome everyone relax, indulging in poetic fantasy of SEED lightings.

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