The Beauty of infinite Scenery |HUAN

There is an ever-changing view through the circle frame,

Slowly and silently it changes.

Each unexpected glimpse is all about the touching, beautiful scenery.

Inspired from a unique, oriental, landscaping architecture_ Moon Gate, HUAN was created by the young designer Rou who was attracted by this poetic idea and applied it to her lighting design.

A dialogue between light and space

Eastern aesthetics focuses on the appreciation of the dark— the shadows, the different shades of light. Using the techniques of framing, HUAN brilliantly combines Western geometric composition and the Eastern aesthetics of blank space, presents a gentle and comfortable moment, weaving the boutique-style for homes.

Sandblasted glass design

Effectively eliminates the glare and softens the lights, reserving a moderate amount of light and eye comfort.

User-friendly installation

Simply unscrew the fixing fitting to pick up the glass plate, replacing the bulb is intuitively simple and effortless.

Four calming colors, more choices

In addition to the classic color scheme of black and white, HUAN S is now available in new color combos of olive green + sand gold, and navy blue + copper. The coastal calm colors balance the favorite nooks with peaceful and refreshing vibes.

Create its own vibe

HUAN is transferrable to a wide range of interior elements. It does not scream for attention to be the centerpiece of the room but quietly fits in so many different styles as you can see.


Light Source E27 2 x 8W LED 2700/3000K
L 39.4 cm x W 36 cm x H 40 cm
Color Combo

    • Matt pure white+ sand gold
    • Matt black + shiny copper


Light Source G9 2 x 5W LED 2700K
Size L 22.6 cm x W 20 cm x H 23 cm
Color Combo

    • Olive green + sand gold
    • Matt pure white+ sand gold
    • Matt black + shiny copper
    • Navy blue + shiny copper

Designer  Chang, Huan Rou

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