Light a cozy chilling bedtime

Coming along with night, when the body relaxes, the mind relaxes. Treasure the“Me time” no matter reading or meditation, a good bedside lamp can fit in so many different styles interiors for various of calming activities. Following are the tips and our recommendations guide you to choose the right one, sweet dream.

-Tips for Maximizing Your Sleep Environment-


#Take the personal using habit into your consideration.

If you frequently read before sleep, a sufficient light would be absolutely needed to support, for example the rotatable lamp type allows to adjust the light direction to your object without interrupting your bedmate. (such as OLO, MUMU, LING…etc.) Or, if you used to phub your phone before bed, the dimmable light will help to deliver a slight brightness; Even better with glass shade more for atmosphere as the light is soften through the glass to the surrounding, exudes warmth and a feeling of security. (such as SIRCLE, DORA, JOJO LED)

▲ Satisfied with either sufficient light and rotating function, for example, LING.

▲ A mood-inducing light diffuses a warm feeling. For example, JOJO LED.
Photo credit:墨比設計

#Proper position matters

Position the lamp at a height level between eyes and shoulders when sitting on the bed, no matter which lamp type like wall, pendant or table lamp, this is the proper height that offers sleepers the comfortable light preventing from glare.

CHINA Table lamp
Photo credit:共禾築研設計

-5 collections we recommend-

Designer Li, Hui Lun

Using the basic elements of circles and lines, featuring the cutting-edge design of hollow circles with glare-free LED lighting, the rotatable lampshade with softened light can impressively create practical as well as ambient light. With an easy one-touch-dimmer, you are one fingertip away to letting your imagination run wild and allowing a good dream to begin.

▲ Hollow circles let the OLO shine through.

Designer Li, Hui Lun

SIRCLE, a symbolization merged Square and Circle, inspired by the East aesthetic philosophy, the circular light ball just like a soft tender mind leaning on a sound substantial frame, chemically shaped a harmonious feature with its flexible body inside-out. Meanwhile, the fantastic performance of light through the opal mouth-blown glass, spreading the beauty of moonlight all over the space.


▲With a flexible “inside-out” design concept, the opal mouth-blown glasses appear to simply float at ease, with no restraints nor inhibitions.

Designer Kuo, Keng Dian

Combining the coolness of metal and the warmth of wood, MUMU appears simple, peaceful yet detailed. The round angle of the edge balanced the sharpness of lines, and the 320° rotation is quite user friendly.


▲ MUMU is full of details in its simple neat look.

Designer Chang, Ting Ting/ Li, Hui Lun

Oh So Chic! One of the popular collections DORA since 2015, which was inspired by designer Ting’s childhood, who wanted to create a collection that was versatile, interactive, and fun! Dora is adorable as jewelry, being crystal and shine, either pendant or wall lamp will be a good fit for the bedside.

Photo credit:御見設計 Yudesignlab

▲Shine through the shining metal and clear glass, injecting the light efficiently.

Designer Li, Hui Lun

With an airy grace, LING provides ample lighting yet remains clean and seamless. A twin lamp with uplight and downlight allows it emits ambient and projecting light at the same time. The rotating design echoed the practical spirit, which is more than beautiful but thoughtful.

Photo credit:二三設計

▲The upward warm light softens the coldness of the metal, showing a double texture of light.

We start one day in bed, so as the end. Let the bedtime be a wonderful fleeting moment of our own, light up a unique bedside lamp to make a perfect ending to a long day.

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