The flow of light|LISA

Composed of simple lines, LISA smoothly shifts light from linear to cross through the free rotation of crossbar, drawing in a warm flow of light as a visual effect of ever-changing light and shadow.

Simple yet versatile

Simple and neat, the designer has created an intriguing piece by subtly interweaving interactive elements and geometric lines. The three light poles can be operated individually—either in parallel or in random directions.

Subtle and refined

The purer the line, the more craftsmanship is required. Looking closer you will see the light poles are accurately aligned when they turn linear. Each space tolerance in between has to be taken with precision through back and forth multiple processes – stamping and forming, cutting and meticulous polishing – each step is crucial, demonstrating the subtleness and purity of the piece of work.

Comfy-cozy in the natural warm light

LISA features high-performance LED CRI 98, as natural as sunlight restoring the true color of the object. And comes with thoughtfully designed diffusers, emitting soft light and reducing glare for a sophisticated lighting atmosphere.

LISA linear pendant

The light poles can be rotated at will to satisfy the basic illumination and to guide the visual effect in the space with their smooth beam line.

LISA floor lamp

Equipped with optical sensor dimming to control the brightness by simply pausing a hand in front of it, or waving a hand to switch it on/off.

LISA wall lamp

LISA can also be a supportive partner next to a dressing mirror or vanity mirror, emitting beautiful and natural light without bothersome shadows.


Size   L 139.9cm x W 11.7cm x H 46.5cm
Light Source   LED 3 x 7W 2700K CRI98 706lm

LISA F(with optical sensor dimmer)
Size   L 30cm x W 30cm x H 180.5cm
Light Source   LED 3 x 7W 2700K CRI98 706lm

Size   L 8cm x W 8cm x H 46.5cm
Light Source   LED 1 x 5W 2700K CRI98 148lm

Designer   Wang, Sheng-Wen

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