The Complexity of Simplicity

Through metallurgy, forging and shaping technologies, mankind has transformed various kinds of mines into hardwares in life with an alchemist touch. In order to make the objects more exquisite and durable, the essentials of metals have been continuously expired with new processes of technology by artisans across generations. 

Metals have become an integral and ubiquitous part of the SEED design aesthetic, from raw casting to surface treatment, what are the processes completing a piece of work? In which steps require great skill from dedicated artisans to perform with? In this article we are going to reveal the precision and accuracy hidden in the details.

“ Everything in its right place ”

Material Selecting & Forming

In SEED, carbon steel, aluminum and copper are often used on the products proform. While in the design process, engineers who have solid mechanical knowledge get involved together applying the right materials according to the physical properties, to approach the original design concept.

Made with aluminum, a material that is strong, flexible, flat and acatable to enhance the heat transfer efficiency toward high temperature of LED modules, MUMU series are shaped by extrusion with a sculptor’s elegance and precision. 

The steady APOLLO was also formed with aluminum. On account of sufficient thickness, it could be more durable while practically adjusting the shade.

“ An uncut gem goes not sparkle ”

Welding & Polishing

“Being detail-oriented in design” is consistently self-demanding of SEED.

It’s really common to see the frames and tubes in SEED collections. The key to performing the seamless connection of joints is the finely welding and carefully engineered preliminary process. Each component has been hand-held and polished by various particles of high-speed grinding wheel back and forth. Gradually the surface becomes more and more smooth with the shiny sparkle flashes around. What we are looking for is to give it that real craftsmanship look, ensuring the neatness for the following surface treatment plating or painting.

“See the green flame,” the welder says jokingly, “we call it a ghost light.” It is also crucial to wipe out traces of alien material before going to the coloring phase, which is why SEED invents a unique solution in the fire that will be able to remove the slag while welding process at the same time. 

HUAN is accomplished with multiple welding and polishing processes, meticulously connecting the joints with the outer ring as a one-piece work.

Symbolising the fortitude of rocks, each shade of Zhe is hand-folded and welded to perform the irregular sharp lines.

“ Fine feathers make fine birds ”

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment has had an instrumental effect, not just on anti-oxidation prolonging the lifetime, but also on how the products are designed in response to the colors and texture demands.

Something hidden within the superlative simplicity, CHINA table lamp is being phased by the extraordinary skill: applying the matt black painting on the preliminary copper plating, then brushing the edge a little just right to the point reveals the antique copper shines in the dark. We are obsessive to give that purity and elegance.

The electrical plating builds up a resistant oxide layer that gives the surfaces their handsome glaze and makes them durable.

Color combos with calmly painted shade and metallic luster ring that generates a matt surface with fewer reflections, HUAN geometrically presents gentle and comfortable vibes.

Grinding away the bevels and burrs to realize its essential feature of the metal and coloring on that, a Seed lamp was borned. We simplified our products to the finest, and discarded all unwanted decoration, weaving every lifestyle for homes.

▲ Photo Credit:U.Z. Design

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