New light with flying feathers|Vulture

With soft warm light spreading, the brand new workpiece Vulture came by its flying feathers with faith and goodwill, conveying its love to all through the brightness in the dark.

Discovered the immanence of vulture’s purity and kindness toward the earth, Designer Meiric wishes to show people a different perspective, a bright side of this endangered species, which was considered a tough and aggressive creature in the past.

Handicrafts of mouth-blown glass

The beak-like lampshade is hand-blown by craftsmen into a smooth curve that emits a soft warm light and creates a beautiful view in the house.

Harmony of arch-body

The arch-body looks like the vulture with its wings folded, either calm and peaceful, which echoes with the smooth lampshades.

▲ Both appearance and structure that the designer infused the spirit in his work piece, and it successfully lights up the house and a good mood either.

P4 inherits the classic “crossbar” that turns the light smoothly from linear to cross, gathering our beloved under warm light, with even more delicate and modern arch-body. You are welcome to adjust it whenever you like, easily meet the lighting needs of different scenarios. (L: up to 135cm)

▲Lighter yet graceful look in a smaller size that allows to rise and drop, changing the distance between two lamps to satisfy diverse table sizes.

P2 comes to a special “Umbrella structure”, it allows changing the width of the light easily by pulling up or down, which creates more possibilities of using light more than imagination. (span: 84cm-110cm)

As a bird person, Meiric has adored birds since childhood. Nowadays he collected what he thinks for years and transformed those inspirations into designs. In a kind of cherished mood, he eagers to bring tenderness and warmness to people who expect a trace of light and love.


Light Source  E27 4 x 8W LED 2700/3000K

Size   L 135cm x W 75cm x H 200cm


Light Source  E27 2 x 8W LED 2700/3000K

Size   L 84-110cm x W 16cm x H 90-135cm

Designer Chen, Chao-Chen

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