A glowing bubble dream|PAOPAO

Everything starts with a dream. 

And it’s never too late to start dreaming.

PAOPAO means bubbles in Mandarin, the designer intends to induce people’s bright childhood like kids’ big dreams flying high, trying to seize those beautiful moments when looking upon the blue sky. 

Smooth organic shape 

Seamlessly combining metal cap and spherical glass to perform its jewel-like luster and organic teardrop shape, the PAOPAO presents a lively rhythm of different materials butting up against each other to create this beautiful texture with dynamic aesthetic.

Dual visual effect

Treated by vacuum plating, the translucent color is layered on the surface of the glass top, which sets off the finesse of the glass shade and gives that fantastic glow inside in a specific way: Turn the lights off, the glowing luster reflects each other with a dazzling beauty; Turn the lights on, the smoky texture reveals the brightness in a mysterious hazy form.

Considerate light quality

In our designs the delicate light quality is the first factor that we take into account for better user experience. Embedded with CRI 95 LED, the surface treatment of glass has also had an instrumental effect, not just on aesthetic consideration with its jewel-like luster, but also how the lights are programmed in ensuring the sufficient brightness yet avoiding glare by narrowing down the beam angle to 58 degrees.

Variety of forms in harmony

Multiple possibilities of configuration, Paopao allows you to play with light whether sophisticated adornment or luxurious impact.

P1|The resulting translucent shade emits a raindrop-like, ambient light, ideally installed either in single, or groups of two or three.

PL5|Functional and distinguishably tasteful, linear suspension is a must have to harmonize the ambiance of your space. 

PZ10|Zigzag configuration presents the rectangular suspension a layering abundance with luxury touch, a symphony of light.

P12/ PC12|Spiral-like (with a ring to enlarge the size) or irregular arrangement, the cluster pendant demonstrates countless compositions in a glamorous way.


Light Source   LED 1 x 5W 2700K CRI 95 200lm
Size   L 10 cm x W 10 cm x H 19 cm

Light Source  LED 5 x 5W 2700K CRI 95 1010lm
Size   L 110 cm x W 10 cm x H 19 cm

Light Source  LED 10 x 5W 2700K CRI 95 2000lm
Size   L 96.4 cm x W 29cm x H 19 cm

Light Source  LED 12 x 5W 2700K CRI 95 2250lm
Size   L 52 cm x W 52 cm x H 19 cm
Ring form L 100 cm x W 100 cm x H 19 cm

Designer  Li, Hui Lun

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