Seasons in the sun|Enjoy spa weekends in the summer retreat

In recent years, more and more people intend to stay away from the crowds and stress of the city. They’d prefer suburban life, enjoying the time at home surrounded by clear blue sky, fleecy white clouds, and even the healing greenery of the mountains and woods, it feels like this little sanctuary where you just want to relax. 

Now, let’s take a look back at some designers’ divine works!

|MIST  — Greenery days|

Photo Credit:U.Z design

Take a breath. We see large floor-to-ceiling windows offering spectacular views of the greenery. The copper cap at the top and the sandblasted glass at the bottom of the MIST are conveying a sense of mountainous and misty view, which adds a refreshing touch to the picture and naturally brings the outside in.

Photo Credit:U.Z design

|LALU+ — Coastal holiday cottage|

Photo Credit:YU Design LAB

One can’t help but fall in love with this beach house with its laid-back ambiance and wild scenery. A touch of blue from the sky and the sea comes through the transparent windows and echoes in the charming LALU+ pendant, its shimmering copper color is beautiful against the white tones and fills the house with a gentle and relaxing atmosphere. 

Photo Credit:U.Z design

|MOAI — Colorful and relaxing world|

Photo Credit:U.Z design

This space is gently washed by the sunlight, and you can enjoy a relaxing time in a bright and fresh relaxation nook. Colorful and neutral tones reflect the clear glass of MOAI and its coppery sheen. It feels like the large opening at the bottom exhales delicate light from the large nose while bringing coolness to the room.

Photo Credit:U.Z design

Start a cheerful and wonderful day along with all the sounds of nature, maybe the waves lapping at the shore or the chirping of cicadas and birds. Take a sip of the cool lemonade soda, casually leaf through the magazine, find the most comfortable way on your own to enjoy the summertime with beautiful light and shadow.


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