2020 New Launch Party|UNKNOWN

Thanks to all guests who attended our launch party, and shared a wonderful afternoon with us in autumn 2020.

As the theme of the year, “UNKNOWN” suggests, we are groping in the unknown and trying to deal with various struggles in business, and the same goes for life.

The party began with opening remarks from the Meiric, the design director, who gave us a small talk sharing his experiences, insights and some interesting stories. How we stood firm in an unfriendly environment and how we turned the corner to keep going while facing many obstacles and odds. Just like his quote of “The Little Big Man” poem by Rabindranath Tagore, the courage of taking challenges has been gradually shaping who we are now, and that absolutely echoes the spirit of breaking through the framework of the unknown.

The next session, let’s get down to new designs and focus on the presentation today.

SEED designers and marketing teams were demonstrating the new collections and conveying the original concepts to the guests.







The world is unpredictable and changing. Stay faithful and positive amongst all the fear, the truly “Big Man” is how we react in tough times.

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