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“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

Stephen Hawking

Inspired by star trails in the night sky, SOL speaks for the design of minimalism through elaborated consideration and production. Now the whole family is available in pendant, desk, wall, and floor bow lamp. The ring-like luminaire and versatility allow people to create new scenes in different corners.

Embedded with a translucent circular screen, the luminaire of SOL diffuses light softly. The collection is either compatible with dimming system or equipped with touch or touchless dimmer, rendering it possible for you to re-create your own personal sunrise and sunset.

The metallic luster balance bar

SOL’s ring-like lampshade affixed finely to a copper balance bar, demonstrating the definition of understated luxury. Grip the balance bar and tilt the lampshade, create unprecedented lighting scenarios in the space.

Weightless, functional, graceful:The SOL bow lamp

Meet the SOL bow lamp, the ring-shaped lampshade floats weightlessly on the slim carbon fiber body. With an arched arm that cantilevers outward, allowing for movement both around and below, it grounded by a well-balanced base, leading to the lamp designed for grace and stability.

Around the optical sensor control, it embellished with fine copper finish.


Form follows function:SOL desk and wall lamp

Translate SOL’s simple yet eye catching shape into desk and wall lamp. Additional stepless dimming function allows SOL desk and wall lamp providing enough light when reading and writing, or you can even adjust the light angle towards the wall to form a soft, ambient light.

Moving in a regular life cycle, stars leaving a dazzling annular trace in the galaxy. They are storytellers of the universe, traveling around and telling all kinds of stories, including ours.


Light Source  LED 1 x 21W 2700K 802Lm CRI90
Size  L 45cm x W 45cm x H 3.3cm


Light Source  LED 1 x 17W 2700K 622Lm CRI90
Size  L 35cm x W 35cm x H 3.3cm


Light Source  LED 1 x 21W 2700K 802Lm CRI90
Size  L 200 cm x W 49 cm x H 204 cm


Light Source   G9 1 x 3W LED 2700K CRI90
Size   L 14.5 cm x W 16.4 cm x H 30 cm


Light Source   LED 1 x 7W 2700K 250Lm CRI90
Size  L 27cm x W 25cm x H 18cm

Designer:Kuo, Keng Dian/Meiric Chen

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