New Brand Store Opening

After 16 years of rooting in Taichung, the brand store has relocated to an exclusive residential district and reopened in Autumn 2021. There are two floors in the new showroom, totally 230 square meters overhauled by the creative team INDOT Design.

On one side of the wall, there’s a large floor-to-ceiling window that opens out into the spacious sidewalk bringing the graphic outside in. Where the 1st floor is all painted in white, on the 2nd floor it’s full of black and grey partitions, and a lot of wood elements, so the visitors will be able to get a scenario what the lamps will be looked like in different interior spaces. And the showcase island display is like touring a science museum, so visitors are able to come closer and interact with the exhibits to see the detailed craftsmanship of the products.

▲ Playful divisions and high/low showcases settings.
▲ Large areas of pure grayish-white color set off the abundant sunlight on the first floor and create an inviting vibe.
▲ The woodsy tone at the entrance of the second floor bridges the atmosphere between floors and forms a good balance.

“I hope people can come to this store with curiosity and imagination to enjoy the versatile space through interaction.”

– Armin Cheng, Design Director, INDOT.

Interactive structure embeds functionality often featured in Seed’s lighting designs, so does it in the brand store. Whether the floor plan arrangement of materials and colors, the high and low showcases or the sliding-rotating walls welcoming the graphicness, they create numerous possibilities in the space when people interact with them.

▲ The sliding-rotating wall invites the graphicness of sunlight inside.
▲ Creating a free and versatile space through interaction.

The whole-new free and versatile space captures the unique features of SEED’s lighting and takes you to another realm to feel the warm and delicate luminance through interaction.

SEEDDESIGN Taichung (Taiwan) Brand Store

Address No. 101, Fuji St., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours 11:00 – 19:00;WED 15:00-19:00(Closed on Sunday)
TEL +886-4-2452 6805

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