Floating islands|LALU Φ

LALU Φ is the exquisite result of SEED’s exclusive Φ frame, tailored to perfection with the classic “LALU+” shade. Explore the serene islands transformed into a breathtaking arrangement suspended in mid-air, showcasing the ingenious design and creativity behind the concept.

This refined piece boasts well-proportioned dimensions, making it an ideal complement to large tables and a refreshing visual experience. The subtle and clean contours and hues blend seamlessly with any environment, emanating a sense of understated elegance with its enchanting charm.

Imagine a 360° free rotation that enables you to switch up your lighting preferences – from a focused, task-oriented light to a warm, gentle glow for relaxation. The adjustable light angle accommodates diverse settings with effortless grace, allowing LALU Φ to illuminate your space with a refined fusion of style and function.

The 360-degree reversible structure allows for easy switching between indirect and direct lighting.

The matt glass diffuser prevents glare from the exposed light source and facilitates user-friendly bulb replacement.

▲The new LALU Φ is now available in two colors: matt black + shiny black & matt white + sand gold.

▲The new LALU Φ is now available in two colors: matt black + shiny black & matt white + sand gold.


Size   L 142.4 cm x W 27.4 cm x H 10 cm
Light Source   E27 4 x 8W LED 2700/3000K

Designer   Li, Hui Lun

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Light Up and Fly|WING

“ The WING resembles a graceful dancer in the spotlight, its translucent dual-leaf design diffusing light to create a captivating dynamic beauty in a space. ”

—— Designer Wang, Sheng Wen

Playing with dreamy light

The concept of “light and shadow” is beautifully captured in WING. Its elegant, translucent dual-leaf design gracefully moves within the ring frame, casting a soft glow throughout the surrounding air. As the night descends, WING truly comes to life, enchanting all those who behold its magical ambience.

Dual-light: Blending beauty with reality

WING’s stunning design includes the innovative feature of “dual lighting”, which utilizes two light sources to softly illuminate the translucent dual-leaf structure from above. Not only does this technique brighten the ceiling, but it also creates a playful sway and diffuses a cozy, ethereal ambiance throughout the space. The downward light source offers a high-performance LED with CRI>95, and high-efficiency optical lens narrows the beam angle to 66° to meet ample illumination without glare.

Details reveal sleek metal texture

WING’s sleek and modern design is achieved through a hidden screw structure that seamlessly connects the lamp post and ring frame. This innovative design gives the lamp post a clean and streamlined appearance that is as sophisticated as it is practical. The integral molding fin design not only enhances the lamp’s refined metallic texture but also improves LED heat dissipation, ensuring a long lifespan for the light source.

▲ With high performance CRI 95 light sources, WING faithfully showcases the true colors of objects with natural illumination.

▲ Flipping to add a touch of delight to daily life in its ever-changing postures.

▲ WING’s dual-leaf design creates a graceful and elegant glow, perfect for creating a serene ambiance in the house.

WING pendant

Size   L 53cm x W 49.5cm x H 66cm
Light Source   LED 2 x 6.3W 3000K CRI>95 1070lm

Designer    Wang, Sheng-Wen

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OLO Φ Portable|Carry on and own your glow

Introducing the OLO Φ Portable – the ultimate solution for cordless lighting. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or simply enjoying a good book in bed, OLO Φ Portable is the perfect companion. It’s portable, touch-activated, and boasts a sleek and innovative design that’s sure to impress.

A new twist on familiar

In addition to the iconic design of the OLO collection – the signature hollow & rotatable lampshade, OLO Φ Portable offers the most convenience of portable use and brings light to you in a way that is familiar yet memorable.

Easy to carry

Just handily hold the arching ring frame, the OLO Φ Portable is more than just a lamp – it’s a lifestyle accessory that you won’t be able to miss.  

▲ Embody effortless chic with OLO Φ Portable’s intuitive and lightweight design.

To go wire-free

Experience the freedom of cordless lighting with the OLO Φ Portable. With its easy-to-carry & rechargeable design, you can take it with you wherever you go.

▲ Features TYPE-C port and rechargeable battery, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power.

▲ Easily adjust the light with 290° rotation and stepless touch dimming.

Harmonious color combos

Choose from a range of color combos to match your style. From bold and vibrant to classic and timeless, there’s a color for everyone.

▲ A harmonious color combination reveals distinctive styles that are both appealing.

OLO Φ Portable (with touch dimmer)

Size   L 19.7 cm x W 13 cm x H 29 cm
Light Source   LED 3W 2700K CRI90 255lm

Designer  Li, Hui Lun

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Meet the light|WÚ

Featuring rotatable arm and shade, WÚ is the most flexible wall lamp that can be set precisely illuminating the preference nook by side.

Find your own light

Equipped with a double-shaft structure, has many different ways of usage with its horizontal and vertical lighting directions by pulling the arm out to the favored distance, and twisting the shade to project a 66° beam onto an object without disturbing one another. In addition to serving as a downlight, while pushing the fixture back into its niche and flipping the shade upward, it can also be an indirect wall washing light for a comfortable relaxing mood.

▲ Wall washing by folding the fixture back into the niche creates a soft and charming effect.

▲ Temporary space for some small accessories.

▲ Intuitive brightness control:  Short touch to switch on/off, long touch for progressive dimming.

▲ Adjustable direct and indirect light.

Premium CRI 95 warm white light restores the objects’original color of the item and provides a considerate eye care experience. WÚ is now available in three colorways to suit any interior style and tone.

▲Pearl cocoa + matt black

▲Sand gold + matt black

Oatmeal + matt white

WÚ W(with push dimmer)

Size   L 22 cm x W 5.5 cm x H 8.5 cm
Light Source   LED 4.5W 2700K CRI95 289lm

Designer   Li, Hui Lun

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The flow of light|LISA

Composed of simple lines, LISA smoothly shifts light from linear to cross through the free rotation of crossbar, drawing in a warm flow of light as a visual effect of ever-changing light and shadow.

Simple yet versatile

Simple and neat, the designer has created an intriguing piece by subtly interweaving interactive elements and geometric lines. The three light poles can be operated individually—either in parallel or in random directions.

Subtle and refined

The purer the line, the more craftsmanship is required. Looking closer you will see the light poles are accurately aligned when they turn linear. Each space tolerance in between has to be taken with precision through back and forth multiple processes – stamping and forming, cutting and meticulous polishing – each step is crucial, demonstrating the subtleness and purity of the piece of work.

Comfy-cozy in the natural warm light

LISA features high-performance LED CRI 98, as natural as sunlight restoring the true color of the object. And comes with thoughtfully designed diffusers, emitting soft light and reducing glare for a sophisticated lighting atmosphere.

LISA linear pendant

The light poles can be rotated at will to satisfy the basic illumination and to guide the visual effect in the space with their smooth beam line.

LISA floor lamp

Equipped with optical sensor dimming to control the brightness by simply pausing a hand in front of it, or waving a hand to switch it on/off.

LISA wall lamp

LISA can also be a supportive partner next to a dressing mirror or vanity mirror, emitting beautiful and natural light without bothersome shadows.


Size   L 139.9cm x W 11.7cm x H 46.5cm
Light Source   LED 3 x 7W 2700K CRI98 706lm

LISA F(with optical sensor dimmer)
Size   L 30cm x W 30cm x H 180.5cm
Light Source   LED 3 x 7W 2700K CRI98 706lm

Size   L 8cm x W 8cm x H 46.5cm
Light Source   LED 1 x 5W 2700K CRI98 148lm

Designer   Wang, Sheng-Wen

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Deconstructional vibrancy and extension | KONNECT

Lines can sometimes be so poemstic shaping the geometric forms of architecture. Behind the precise calculations is an infinite imagination of aesthetics. KONNECT is like a bridge connecting line to line, integrating conceptual methods in a modern approach.

Building Imagination of Light

Breaking with the conventional notion of one-way lighting, KONNECT showcases light in a variety of ways between functional lighting and configurable art decors by arranging LED panels so that spaces can take on different styles with your mood, whether you want them to be lit at different angles going up or down.

Clean and precise trapezoidal section

Benefiting from a precise cutting and forming process, trapezoidal cuts can be viewed from every side. The fluidity of each line relies on a refined one-piece molding method to achieve the ultimate screw-free requirement with its flexibility of Polycarbonate.


KONNECT PV4 can provide one-way illumination with sufficient brightness, or indirect light avoiding any discomfort from contrast glare.

▲ Each panel is wireless and easy to reconnect and flip straight up and down with the exclusive Seed-Jack connector.

▲ The light body opens up like a mysterious geometry floating in the air, and the contrasting tension of lines is fully revealed under the staggered arrangement of multiple lamps, bringing a pure and poetic visual enjoyment to the space.


KONNECT PL4 provides just the right amount of brightness for the workplace with a length of 96 cm. You can handily flip the shade and switch to indirect lighting for a relaxing, muted mood.

The flexible lines bring the space a unique and interesting personal touch.  


KONNECT PL6 offers a wider range of illumination by simply adjusting the angle of the lampshade to the brightness and light direction you desire.

The high color rendering LED light source (CRI 98), which is as natural as sunlight, faithfully represents the true color of the object.



Taking advantage of the physical properties of Polycarbonate, KONNECT fixes the lamp shade and diffuser with only 8 cards, achieving glue-free, easy removal for future maintenance and recycling.

The excellent LED light quality is also highly efficient and can be lasting for a long time, when a malfunction occurs, the board can be handily replaced avoiding potential reverse logistics. 

In addition to using recycled paper pulp for packaging, the lamp can be minimized to a flat shape reducing the size and carbon footprint generated during transportation. All of which sustainability and durability are implemented caring for the environment.


Size   L 47.5cm x W 47.5cm x H 40cm
Light Source   LED 4 x 5.5W 3000K CRI98 949lm

Size  L 96cm x W 9.2cm x H 3.5cm
Light Source  LED 4 x 5.5W 3000K CRI98 1052lm

Size  L 144.5cm x W 9.2cm x H 3.5cm
Light Source  LED 6 x 5.5W 3000K CRI98 1529lm

Designer   Chang, Huan Rou

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New PENSÉE pendant | Effortless aesthetic


Following the subsequent launch of PENSÉE table and wall lamps in 2020, The PENSÉE series is now available in a new pendant.


“Cutting out all superfluous details or functionality, I think that PENSÉE is simply showing the effortless aesthetic. Its classic style embodies a real mood for everyday life. “ —— Designer Li, Hui-Lun


▲Unscrew the glass and easily replace the bulb.


▲The delicate shade was combined by a hand-crafted mouth-blown glass and a curvy metal cap radiating a warm, soft light.

Simple, elegant, and timeless, the PENSÉE pendant effortlessly integrates into your everyday lives, catering to different lifestyles as well as various interior settings. 


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PENSÉE Pendant

Size   L 20cm x W 20cm x H 200cm (max.)
Light Source   LED G9 x1 5W 2700K CRI 90 425lm

Designer Li,Hui Lun

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New symbol of light|Extension of OLO family

Following the debut of OLO in 2018 and the subsequent launch of OLO Φ in 2020, the simple geometry and the dual illumination of the hollow shade have refreshed people’ imagination of luminaires. Now, the family is delighted to welcome its newest members: OLO Φ single pendant and OLO table stand lamp.

OLO Φ pendant

An extension of the Φ series ring-frame design, this new pendant is featured by its remarkable flexibility. As though floating in the air, it emits a soft, warm light that builds a comfortable space with ease.

▲ Swivel the lampshade up or down to find the most pleasant light angle.

▲ Shade colors: sand gold, cocoa brown and shiny black.

▲ Use random settings of the height to create a playful vibe.

OLO Desk Lamp and Floor Lamp

Thoughtfully and precisely designed for lighting, these two portable lamps provide ample and comfortable light to meet the user’s daily activities, both in terms of function and mood, are taken care of.

▲ A good reading experience comes from good light performance.

OLO Φ Pendant

Size   L 19.7 cm x W 13 cm x H 200 cm (max.)
Light Source   LED 6.5W 3000K CRI>90 415lm

OLO Desk Lamp

Size   L 38.5 cm x W 15 cm x H 42.5 cm
Light Source   LED 6.5W 3000K CRI>90 415lm

OLO Floor Lamp

Size   L 49.8 cm x W 23.5 cm x H 123.5 cm
Light Source   LED 6.5W 3000K CRI>90 415lm

Designer   Li,Hui Lun

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Bold yet Caring|DODO MEGA

DODO, the bird from the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, appears this time as a big bird, still in the whimsical and iconic big head yet with a huge body with a large span to achieve practical simplicity. Its adjustable shade and long arm allow you to tilt any angle your heart desires in everyday life.


▲ DODO MEGA is eye-catching and demonstrates user-base design with various details.

Unique Compasses Structure

Features a fully adjustable arm with its exclusive compasses structure in chrome, users are able to adjust the height swiftly by loosening the thumb-nut.

▲ Multiple adjustments on height and light angle, the flexible luminaire can be set exactly to suit your needs. 


Size    L 210cm x W 35cm x H 210 (max.) cm
Light Source    E27 1 x 15W LED 3000K

Designer    Chen, Chao-Cheng

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A drop of golden sun|MIST LED

Inherited by the signature design from the misty raindrop shade, the internal sandblasting treatment gradually blurs the translucent mouth-blown glass that distributes the brightness in a mysterious hazy form.

Excellent light quality

Embedded with high performance LED CRI>95 (R9>80) as natural as sunlight, and the high-efficiency 56-degree angle optical lens, the light sets off the finesse of the translucent glass shade and gives that fantastic glow.

Refined process of the interior sandblasting

Diffusing along with the delicate sandblasting layer as if an ethereal mist with golden lining floating in the air, creating a rich and elegant scene.

Besides aesthetic considerations, from a practicality standpoint, master craftsmen also take into account how the lights were designed in ensuring the lampshade offers practical illumination without the unwanted glare.

Torch table & floor lamps

Another distinctive feature of MIST LED is its iconic DJ Dimmer base on the portable lamps _ Just softly slide the base by fingertips to adjust step-less brightness and switch on/off.

The internal sandblasting treatment gradually blurs the translucent mouth-blown glass that distributes the brightness in a mysterious hazy form.

Portable lamps add ambiance and task lighting whether you let them blend in or stand out at your effortlessly chic home.


MIST LED Pendant S
Light Source   LED 5W 2700K CRI95 510lm
Size   L 16cm x W 16cm x H 22.5cm

MIST LED Pendant L
Light Source   LED 9W 2700K CRI95 918lm
Size   L 25cm x W 25cm x H 34.8cm

MIST LED Floor Lamp
Light Source   LED 9W 2700K CRI95 918lm
Size   L 28.5cm x W 28.5cm x H 153-190cm

MIST LED Table Lamp S
Light Source   LED 5W 2700K CRI95 510lm
Size   L 16cm x W 16cm x H 27.9cm

MIST LED Table Lamp L
Light Source   LED 9W 2700K CRI95 918lm
Size   L 25cm x W 25cm x H 40cm

Designer Chen, Chao-Cheng

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