Debut in Beijing|SEEDDESIGN in Design China Beijing 2018

Design China Beijing has been the first truly international design event in Beijing; for SEEDDESIGN, it is also the first time for us to face the local culture.

House-like check-in place shares the perspective of residential theme with SEED, turns to be the most popular spot on social community. Warmth and intimacy are always how the heart be fulfilled, we hope to share the ambience by designing the traffic flow elaborately.

▲ Check-in place of HerculesJOJO LED

When regarding Hercules and JOJO, they are two of the most iconic items of “thoughtful design”. Ideas came from movement of yo-yo, JOJO shows how a fixture could fit in various residential illumination by handily adjusting the height; Besides the multiple-axial twisting function, Hercules, as design featuring mechanical structures and being visually attractive as character in Greek mythology, he always shares the companion if only you need.

Spiral arrangement shows sophisticated group visual impact and also features different sizes of MOAI. Inspired by statues on Eastern Island, MOAI shares ambient glow bounces off the clear glass shade, creates a unique egg- shaped reflection.

▲ Spiral arrangement of crystal-clear MOAI

For clear shade, MOAI could comfortably fit with diverse interior space without interfering arrangement. Second half of 2018 is no doubt a plenteous period for SEED, since size M and XL presented and MOAI family ’s gathered, none of the member absent ever since.

▲ Classic series: CARRY MINI, MUMU, LALU+

▲ 經典燈款:LING

Classic series never miss crucial SEED moments: LING which provides lovely appearance and twin lamp type; MUMU, blend and bring the wooded ambience back home; and LALU+, who has always been toppest choice of dining area.

We are impressed by visitors who savor the design details deeply with understanding. The positive feedback from people inspired by our life story has always been the most grateful affirmation. Come and enjoy the thrill time in this calm space with SEEDDESIGN in Shanghai!

– Location| 8101A# Block 8, Bridge 8 Phase I, No.10 Middle Jian Guo Road, Shanghai, China
– Number| 021 – 2113 2524
– Opening|Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM


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