A Trailblazer in Design Awards|WÚ

A Trailblazer in Design Awards|WÚ wall lamp

After winning the German Design Award 2024 (Special Mention), WÚ has once again been recognised with two iconic international awards, the 2024 IF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. Designed by Li, Hui Lun, this is another milestone for SEEDDESIGN after the OLO Φ collection, which has been honoured in three major international design competitions.

WÚ: A Bright Spot in Challenging Times

“ Find your own light ”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Li, Hui Lun found herself working from home for extended periods. She noticed that switching on her bedroom light would disturb her family members sharing the same space. This observation sparked an idea: to design a ‘personal light’ that would provide illumination without causing disruption. And thus, WÚ was born.

Flexible Light Layout

Flexible Light Layout-WÚ wall lamp

With its double-shaft design, WÚ offers versatile lighting options, allowing users to adjust both horizontal and vertical angles by extending the arm to the desired distance and rotating the shade to cast a 66° beam onto objects without interference. Beyond serving as a downward light, when recessed into its niche and the shade flipped upward, it can also provide indirect wall washing illumination, perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance.

Superior Color Rendering Index (CRI) 95

Superior Color Rendering Index CRI 95 -WÚ wall lamp

The premium CRI 95 warm white light of WÚ faithfully restores the original colors of objects and ensures a thoughtful eye care experience. Available in three color options, WÚ complements any interior style and tone.

The Trio of German Design Awards

Design international competitions serve the purpose of unearthing outstanding design works, providing opportunities for exceptional designers to showcase their talent on the global stage, and inspiring collaborative efforts to create better design concepts that enhance the quality of life.

iF Design Award-wu wall lamp

iF Design Award

Established in 1953, the iF Design Award is the oldest design competition with a highly esteemed reputation often referred to as the “Oscar of Design.” In 2024, with nearly 11,000 entries from 72 countries, winning an iF Award has become a symbol of top-tier design excellence and is recognized as one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide.

Red Dot Design Award-wu wall lamp

Red Dot Design Award

With a history of over 60 years, the Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest and most influential design competitions globally, often mentioned alongside the renowned iF Design Award. With a relentless pursuit of design excellence and forward-thinking, it attracts designers from around the world to participate each year.

German Design Award Special Mention-wu wall lamp

German Design Award Special Mention

Unlike other international design competitions, the German Design Award Special Mention requires nomination based on prior recognition from other international design awards or by relevant authorities.


Size   L 22 cm x W 5.5 cm x H 8.5 cm
Light Source   LED 4.5W 2700K CRI95 289lm

Designer Li, Hui Lun

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