Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication|SEED 30 Store Exhibition

Simple yet sophisticated

Every exquisite piece must have gone through a rather diverse formation process to perform its purity. We believe the best designs are meant to be simple, elegant, and timeless, inheriting our Seedology “We do not follow trends, we follow people”. We have designers seize every fleeting moment of inspiration onto drawings, engineers and craftsmen, who always turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Thanks to the team work hashing out the pieces of mouth-watering products embody these principles.

Turning imagination into reality

Venturing into our third decade in the everchanging lighting industry, now we are celebrating our 30 year anniversary by holding an exhibition on-line and off-line in all the Seed stores, to share the ideas of craftsmanship and technology on how we continue developing and refining lighting fixtures since 1991, in response to the theme “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”.

Entrance tour guide

OLO wins both Red Dot and iF Awards.


Exclusive DJ dimmer display

▲ The basic principles of pulleys in the evergreen classic “JOJO”

Mist LED collection

The coloring process of gradually cloudy MIST lamp shade.

除了展示燈具的工藝製作過程,特展也設有沉浸式光氛體驗區,讓觀展人在能調整色溫/ 亮度的 SQUARE 正吊燈下方,拿起一本書,實際調整、體驗什麼樣的光最適合自己。

▲ 拿本書,花些時間在沉浸式光氛體驗區找到自己喜歡的光。

在展覽結束前,別忘了拿起手機掃描,進入 SEED 30 線上展 進行Find My Seed Light 測驗,找到專屬自己的喜的燈,更可以在門市中搜尋,看看它實際的模樣,最後還能挑選一張喜歡的燈具卡片帶回家。

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