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Taking a deep breath, a craftsman is blowing air into molten glass. By spinning the blowpipe with their sophisticated hands, a piece of design is well shaped in a minute. This is a very moment destining a glass to be done or gone.

Being time-honored workmanship, glass is one of the favorite materials for the artists. Countless enchanting and diverse objects ranging from glassware to artworks were created of its fluidity and plasticity since B.C. People are fascinated particularly by how the light and shadow refractions play with it. Today, we take on a journey to mouth-blown glasses presented by SEEDDESIGN.

Hand-Blown Glass

Most of SEEDDESIGN’s glass is handmade, mouth-blown by skilled craftsmen. Standing by the hot furnace, the glassblowers dip the red molten glass up to 1200 ℃ with a long steel pipe and move to the mold immediately. They were taught by experience about how much molten to be dipped to make the desired shape.

They start to blow air into the glass and spin the pipe speedily and steadily with hands at the same time to keep the thickness of glass as equivalent as it can. On the other side of the pipe, the glass bubble grows bigger and bigger until it fills up the mold.

The holder opens the mold, cuts off the glass from the pipe and moves it into the tempering oven for cooling down slowly to increase the toughness and avoid hidden cracks of glass. After fine polishing operated in-house exclusively by SEEDDESIGN, a glass of lamp is born.

Since the glasses are made by hands, tiny bubbles, spinning marks therefore exist. None of them weighs 100% the same to one another, instead, these guarantee the natures of mouth-blown glass that every piece of work is unique and irreplaceable.

▲The traces left on the glass during the process symbolizes the craftsman’s spirit.

Colored Glass

When a transparent glass is done in one move, a colored lamp glass takes multiple jobs with 3 to 5 layers which is a big challenge to craftsmen. After a layer of transparency is based, the glassblower dips with molten opaque glass all over top of the base, puts into the mold, and blow air into glass again.

▲ Blowing-up and adding colors into the molten glass at the same time.

Opal glass will be done in three layers, while other colors take five. Usually the inner and outermost layers are transparent that hard enough to protect the color inside. When you gaze at the edge of colored glasses, the opal and the color would be sandwiched in 3 layers of transparent glass.

The colored glass provided by SEEDDESIGN is not painted, but chemical results mixed with different metallic elements. It turns the light into ambiences, each piece differs from one another and does not fade over time.

▲Colored glass emits the gentle light through the multi-layers.

Sand-Blasted Glass

Sand-blasted glass is one of the features of SEEDDESIGN. It presents the translucency in between clear and opal glass. The process of glass being gently scarred by sand could only be done purely by experienced hands. Light becomes softer, glare-free, and gradient like the sunrise in misty mountains.

#Five recommendations of glass lamp:

Designer Chen, Chao-Chen

Designer Meiric always cherishes and adores endangered species of the world, especially birds. Vulture was one of a kind that inspired him to infuse the spirit in his masterpiece. With a different perspective, he discovered the immanence of its purity and goodwill toward the earth.

Designer Chen, Chao-Cheng

Illuminated MOAI provides an atmospheric, ambient glow as light moves through the sphere and bounces off the clear glass shade creating a unique egg-shaped reflection. Silhouetted reminiscent of the stone statues of Easter Island, the MOAI is dynamic no matter it is on or off.


▲ Be with MOAI, breathe in the fresh air, and release stress behind.

Designer Dou, Ye Cin

Impressed by respect and love for FUJI mountain in Japanese culture, our designer poetically characterized the FUJI. To express the mild impression, she utilizes a spherical opal glass to interpret the rising sun.


▲FUJI Spirit of Mountain Dawn.

Designer Chen, Chao-Cheng

In keeping with the Laito series vintage heritage the Laito Opal adds softness to the classic, streamlined shape, evoking a subdued glow of years gone by. It can be perfectly positioned for your task at hand. As with the rest of the Laito series aesthetic is never compromised by function.

LAITO OPAL the classic appearance reinterpreted by the hand-and opal glass, found a balance between retro and modern. 

▲ the milky color is such warm and gentle, let the mouth-blown opal glass melt your heart softly.

Designer Chen, Chao-Cheng

Centuries ago, many Chinese poets composed beautiful poems inspired by intriguing mountainous sceneries. When standing on a mountaintop, people seem to be close enough to be able to touch the clouds with their fingertips and feel the mists against their faces. In dedication to those inspiring poems, we’ve created MIST in hopes to capture that very moment.

MIST lights up the misty feeling like the significant scene of the dawn light appear slowly among the cloud sea.

Thanks to the improvement of LED performance, the era of glass lamp comes back of the high color rendering of light. Through the clear and opal glass, light emits brightness with hazy warmness, while the colored ones paint the rooms with a sense of ritual or nostalgia. Choose one favorite glass lamp, enjoy the moment with your magic beloveds.

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