Way back to Light and Building Frankfurt 2024

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In March of this year, SEED is making a comeback after the gap of COVID-19 to Frankfurt, Germany, participating in the biennial International Lighting and Architecture Exhibition. The event will bring together numerous renowned European lighting brands. We sincerely invite all like-minded friends to join us in this grand gathering, creating unforgettable moments together.

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Light of Practical Simplicity

It is a yearning to transform mere products into seamless experiences that captivate and delight. When we detect even the slightest flaw, we crave innovation to elevate the user’s satisfaction and infuse ease into every interaction. It is through this intrepid spirit that we push boundaries and redefine what is possible, channeling our creativity into crafting groundbreaking designs that transcend expectations.

Pre-show Highlights

Discover PAOPAO, a stunning lamp with vacuum plating color layered on its glass top. Whether illuminated or turned off, it consistently captivates with a dual visual effect, making it a showstopper at any fair.

KONNECT is one of SEED’s latest innovative designs inspired by modern architecture. With its exclusive fixtures and unique structure, KONNECT breaks through the traditional one-way lighting, allowing for the easy construction of lamp bars suitable for diverse application scenarios.

TRAM is undoubtedly SEED’s most cutting-edge designs, promising an excellent ride. It utilizes the conductive properties of genuine brass to enable wireless lighting on the track, providing a delightful yet practical lighting experience with 360-degree rotation.


Partner with Us – Join Our Journey!

Partner with SEEDDESIGN and embark on a global journey! We seek distributors who share our passion for design and functionality to join our international team. Our products, recognized for their excellence, speak volumes. Join us in redefining success through a shared commitment to innovation. Let’s shape a prosperous future together in our international expansion.

We are pleased to offer you a complimentary ticket to the fair. Kindly reach out to us by completing the form below to receive your ticket.


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