ReDesign for better life

A new year begins, a good time to make some changes. Whether we determine to cultivate a new habit, develop regular exercise, or find a more suitable balance between work and life. We all eager to change when we see the possibilities of being a better me.

Similarly, SEEDDESIGN always has more expectations for itself. “For me, there is no perfect product in this world for a designer. When a product launches, I never satisfy. Instead, I prefer to optimize it. “ – SEEDDESIGN Designing Director Meiric.

Let’s take a look at before & after; see how those designs transformed and become A Better Me.

CHINA  2004 → CHINA LED  2017

CHINA debuted in 2004. At the time, it instantly became one of SEEDDESIGN’s iconic designs by its classic shape and unique DJ dimmer. 

As time goes by, the era of the halogen bulb is ending, and the LED generation is following with much better performance than ever. CHINA was re-born as an LED version, it upgraded with slimmer shape, sleek texture and high CRI, and still, it reserved the key feature of the DJ dimmer base. That’s how it returned with grace and rich immanence.

JOJO  1994 → JOJO LED  2016

Inspired by the movement of YO-YO, JOJO showed up in 1994 with the ability to adjust the height, which equipped an impressive balance device. Since then, it has been the most playful design in the fairs.

Until 2016, we developed a new version. Besides the benefits of low wattage increasing safety and durability, JOJO LED was even infused the designer’s original idea, redesigned the counterweight to rounding shape with glossy appearance as embellishment, which symbolizes the joy and blessing for people.

HERCULES  2004 → 2017

2004, a tribute to the legendary character of Greek mythology, HERCULES appeared. Carrying strength and courage, metaphorically, the curving body shows its humbleness, which reveals the extraordinary temperament in a low-key manner.

2017, designer White brought us fresh air. Apart from the new LED dimming function, she turned the sharp line into softer that conveying the toughness and beauty. Even more, the brand new matching color of classic black and metal successfully catches people’s eyes, which states its elegant and bold aesthetic propositions, and was honored to win the 2019 German Design Award.

DODO  2013 → DOBI  2015

▲Photo credit:苑茂設計

DODO the birds’ appearance is comical yet beautiful. Inspired by his whimsical body shape, DODO is undoubtedly the best demonstration of natural simplicity. DODO attracted a lot of attention after launch, since it can fit any style in the modern world.

Catering to smaller scaled spaces, the DOBI offers a more petite version of the ever so popular DODO. For the first time to use the hit color black + copper, white + brass to the lamp design. Let chic DOBI accompany you to discover the little surprise in your life.

LALU  2005 → LALU+ P 2014 → RE-LALU 2017

“Lalu” is a holy island in the legend of one of the Taiwanese aborigines–Thao. It symbolized the residence of the ancestors’ spirits. Back to 2005, LALU comes with the natural granite base and mouth-blown glass, the combination plays harmony between nature and humanity art.

Throughout years of being loved, We’ve reinterpreted this charming collection with a contemporary twist. The LALU+ pendant became a big hit when it was launched in 2014. Keeping up with the trends in home furnishing and accessories, this time it comes with a metallic style. The linear fixture allows people to rotate it into a cross or straight formation.

2017, the Re-Lalu table lamp consists of metal, wood, glass, three different materials. And cleverly embedded the switch on the top of the light pole, keep the original image and achieve a more neat style. Those evolutions provoke our curiosity. We can’t help but look forward to it: what will it look like next time and will it surprise us again?

Redesign work, in addition to discovering better possibilities; most importantly is to take action. A new year begins, we made up our minds and set up new goals as always, and the key to success is ” getting started without hesitation! ” 

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