Light Up and Fly|WING

“ The WING resembles a graceful dancer in the spotlight, its translucent dual-leaf design diffusing light to create a captivating dynamic beauty in a space. ”

—— Designer Wang, Sheng Wen

Playing with dreamy light

The concept of “light and shadow” is beautifully captured in WING. Its elegant, translucent dual-leaf design gracefully moves within the ring frame, casting a soft glow throughout the surrounding air. As the night descends, WING truly comes to life, enchanting all those who behold its magical ambience.

Dual-light: Blending beauty with reality

WING’s stunning design includes the innovative feature of “dual lighting”, which utilizes two light sources to softly illuminate the translucent dual-leaf structure from above. Not only does this technique brighten the ceiling, but it also creates a playful sway and diffuses a cozy, ethereal ambiance throughout the space. The downward light source offers a high-performance LED with CRI>95, and high-efficiency optical lens narrows the beam angle to 66° to meet ample illumination without glare.

Details reveal sleek metal texture

WING’s sleek and modern design is achieved through a hidden screw structure that seamlessly connects the lamp post and ring frame. This innovative design gives the lamp post a clean and streamlined appearance that is as sophisticated as it is practical. The integral molding fin design not only enhances the lamp’s refined metallic texture but also improves LED heat dissipation, ensuring a long lifespan for the light source.

▲ With high performance CRI 95 light sources, WING faithfully showcases the true colors of objects with natural illumination.

▲ Flipping to add a touch of delight to daily life in its ever-changing postures.

▲ WING’s dual-leaf design creates a graceful and elegant glow, perfect for creating a serene ambiance in the house.

WING pendant

Size   L 53cm x W 49.5cm x H 66cm
Light Source   LED 2 x 6.3W 3000K CRI>95 1070lm

Designer    Wang, Sheng-Wen

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